Share Market Today | 18 April 2024

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Latest Market News

1. Adani Group: Increased stake in Ambuja and planned capacity expansion.

2. Infosys & Proximus: New partnership in Customer Service Management.

3. Zee Entertainment: Withdrew merger application with Sony and will be excluded from F&O trading.

4. Market Transactions: FIIs and DIIs showed contrasting trading behaviours with FIIs selling and DIIs buying stocks.

Global Market Insights 

U.S. Stock Market Overview:

  • Performance: U.S. stocks closed lower with all three major indexes (Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq) in the red. Tech stocks, especially, pulled the Nasdaq down significantly.
  • Key Players: Notable declines in tech sector stocks including Nvidia, Netflix, Meta, Apple, and Microsoft.
  • Federal Reserve's Stance: Jerome Powell, the U.S. Federal Reserve Chair, suggested maintaining a restrictive monetary policy longer than anticipated, reducing expectations of rate cuts within the year.

Other Asset Classes:

  • Treasury Yields: U.S. Treasury yields dipped slightly after a significant sell-off, with the 10-year yield closing at 4.5832%.
  • Currency Movements: The U.S. dollar index fell by 0.28% breaking a six-day rise, reflecting investor adjustments to the Fed's postponed rate cut expectations.
  • Commodities: Oil prices decreased sharply due to high U.S. inventories and potential demand drops influenced by weak data from China. Gold prices also fell, influenced by the revised rate cut outlook.

Asian Market Outlook:

  • Market Trends: Mixed responses in Asia-Pacific markets following U.S. losses, with Australia's index rising and Japan's Nikkei falling.
  • Economic Indicators: Investors await Australia’s unemployment rate, a key factor for its monetary policy decisions.

Indian Market and Derivative Data Analysis:

Gift Nifty and Intraday View:

  • Opening Prediction: Negative opening forecast for the Indian market.
  • Range Prediction: Nifty expected to consolidate between 22,050 and 22,260 with specific stock movements influencing trends.

Nifty Short-term Outlook:

  • Recent Performance: Nifty and Bank Nifty both showed declines over three consecutive sessions due to high U.S. Treasury yields and Middle East tensions.
  • Technical Analysis: Nifty exhibits a high wave candle formation suggesting continued downward trends but with potential consolidation near key support levels around 22,000.

Intraday Levels:

  • Nifty: Resistance at 22,200; Support at 22,050.
  • Bank Nifty: Resistance at 47,700; Support at 47,230.
  • Fin Nifty: Resistance at 21,180; Support at 21,010.

Derivative Data Analysis (18-04-2024):

  • NIFTY: Fluctuations in open interest indicate a consolidation phase with significant support and resistance levels identified at 22,000 and 22,500 respectively.
  • Bank Nifty: Short build-up suggested by increasing open interest and price adjustments, indicating a possible range between 47,000 and 48,000 for the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the stock market, and how does it work?

Answer Field

The stock market is a platform where investors buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies. It operates through stock exchanges, where supply and demand for securities determine prices.

Why should I consider investing in the stock market?

Answer Field

Investing in the stock market offers the potential for long-term wealth growth, dividend income, portfolio diversification, and ownership stakes in successful companies.

How can I start investing in the stock market?

Answer Field

To begin investing in stocks, individuals can open a brokerage account, conduct research on companies and industries, and start building a diversified portfolio aligned with their investment goals and risk tolerance.

What factors should I consider before investing in stocks?

Answer Field

Important factors to consider include investment goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, market research, diversification, and staying informed about economic and market trends.

What are the risks associated with stock market investments?

Answer Field

Risks include market volatility, liquidity risk, company-specific risks, and the potential for loss of capital. It's essential for investors to assess their risk tolerance and diversify their portfolios accordingly.

How do I stay informed about daily market happenings?

Answer Field

You can stay informed by monitoring financial news websites, market analysis reports, earnings announcements, economic indicators, and utilising real-time market data provided by reliable brokerage platforms.

What is the difference between long-term investing and trading in the stock market?

Answer Field

Long-term investing involves holding stocks for extended periods, typically years or decades, with a focus on capital appreciation and dividend income. Trading involves buying and selling stocks more frequently, often based on short-term price movements.

How can I mitigate risks in the stock market?

Answer Field

Risk mitigation strategies include diversifying your portfolio, setting stop-loss orders, conducting thorough research, avoiding over-leveraging, and maintaining a long-term perspective on investments.

Are there any specific tax implications associated with stock market investments?

Answer Field

Yes, tax implications vary depending on factors such as investment duration, type of account (e.g., taxable brokerage account, retirement account), and realised gains or losses from selling stocks.

Can I invest in the stock market with a small amount of capital?

Answer Field

Yes, many brokerage platforms offer fractional investing or allow investors to purchase partial shares, enabling individuals with limited capital to start investing in the stock market with smaller amounts.

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