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Do you know that the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (POWERGRID) holds a significant position not only within India but also in 23 other countries globally? This shows India’s growing technical and infrastructural strength globally. This blog gives a clear insight into this ‘Maharatna’ company, showing its growth from the start to its present stature. Based in Gurugram, POWERGRID is an important government-owned electric utilities company in India. It handles the transmission of about half of the total power generated in the country. 

From its start in 1989 to now, POWERGRID’s journey has been full of dedicated service, technological growth, and a strong commitment to making sure electricity is available everywhere in India and beyond. Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. is helping countries, lighting up homes, and boosting growth and development in various regions. 

Discover the world of POWERGRID, a world that is lighting up lives and pushing progress, not just in India but globally.

About Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.

FounderGovernment of India
Industry TypeElectric Utilities
Founded23rd October 1989
HeadquartersGurugram, Haryana, India
Key PeopleK. Sreekant (Chairman & MD)
Parent CompanyGovernment of India
Countries Present23 worldwide
Market Cap₹1.86 trillion
Total Employees8,500

Overview of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.

The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) is central to India’s power sector. Established on 23rd October 1989, it is a notable Public Sector Enterprise, highlighting its key role in India’s infrastructure development. With a 51.34% share held by the Government of India, POWERGRID’s consistent performance is evident. This substantial government share, alongside those held by other stakeholders, enhances its operational and investment structure, reflecting reliability and diversified strength.

As India’s foremost Electric Power Transmission Utility, POWERGRID ensures the efficient, reliable transmission of electric power across various regions, promoting economic growth and enhancing millions of lives. It plays an essential role in upholding India’s energy security, offering consistent and crucial access to electric power for diverse sectors.

Listed since 2007, POWERGRID has continuously demonstrated operational excellence, affirmed by a steadfast “Excellent” rating from the Ministry of Power since 1993-94, reinforcing its significant role in the national power framework.

With operations extending to 23 countries, POWERGRID’s global reach and competence are clear. Despite diverse global challenges, its successful international projects highlight operational efficiency and adaptability, ensuring it stays aligned with worldwide advancements.

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Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. History

1989: Established as the National Power Transmission Corporation of India (NPTC).

1990: Received its certificate of commencement and commissioned the first HVDC line in Asia

1991: Acquired the transmission assets of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited.

1992: Commissioned the country’s first Static Var Compensator and changed its name to PowerGrid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID).

1993: Obtained the transmission assets from Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited.

1997: The firm established a link between the Western Region and the Southern Region.

2003: Embarked on its initial joint venture in collaboration with Tata Power Company Limited.

2007: Listed its equity shares on the Stock Exchanges.

2008: Awarded the “Navratna” status.

2009: Established Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO)

2011: Commissioned the transmission system for the first Ultra Mega Power Project at Mundra, Gujarat.

2012: Unveiled India’s first 1200 kV National test station at Bina in Madhya Pradesh.

2013: Acquired its first International Credit Rating and was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

2015: Completed the world’s largest multi-terminal ±800kV HVDC Project at Agra.

2016: The company realised the world’s highest voltage 1200 Kilovolts at its National Test Station in Madhya Pradesh.

2018: Secured the initial Intra-State Transmission Project and established the first public electric vehicle rapid-charging station in Hyderabad. 

2020: Successfully launched India’s first domestically developed 400 kV Optical Current Transformer.

2021: The company put the 250th substation in remote operation from NTAMC, showcasing continuous growth and technological advancement.

Major Subsidiaries of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.

1. Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO)

POSOCO, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is dedicated to power system operations, ensuring the integrated operation of the Grid in a reliable, efficient, and secure manner. Established in 2009, it has been a pivotal force in load despatch activities and operational improvements. The corporation has been awarded for its excellence in implementing real-time data acquisition, and ensuring power system reliability, managing over 390GW of total installed capacity, and seamlessly integrating renewable resources.

2. Powergrid Vizag Transmission Limited

Powergrid Vizag Transmission Limited strengthens the transmission system beyond Vemagiri. This subsidiary is credited for the successful execution of transmission projects ensuring enhanced power supply to the Southern Grid, and mitigating transmission constraints. It played a significant role in the commissioning of a 400kV Double Circuit Transmission Line, marking a notable improvement in the transmission network in the region.

3. Powergrid Kala Amb Transmission Limited

Focusing on the execution of transmission projects in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, Powergrid Kala Amb Transmission Limited has made a significant contribution to the establishment of the 400kV S/C Transmission Line. This initiative has bolstered the transmission infrastructure in the northern regions, and the subsidiary is acknowledged for its timely completion of projects, thereby enhancing the transmission capacity in the region.

4. Powergrid Warora Transmission Limited

Powergrid Warora Transmission Limited is a crucial subsidiary for the implementation of transmission projects in the Western Region. It played a significant role in the establishment of the 765kV S/C Warora – Parli Transmission Line, ensuring enhanced transmission capacity and reliability in the Western Region and aiding in the efficient distribution of power.

Major Acquisitions by Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.

1. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited

In 1991, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. acquired the transmission assets of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL). This acquisition marked a significant expansion in POWERGRID’s asset base and reach. NPCIL is a public sector enterprise under the Administrative Control of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India. NPCIL is instrumental in the design, construction, commissioning, and operation of nuclear power reactors, and the acquisition brought a surge in the transmission capabilities of POWERGRID.

2. Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited

In 1993, the transmission assets of Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited (THDC) were acquired by POWERGRID. THDC is a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Uttar Pradesh. It is a premier organisation excelling in establishing hydroelectric projects. THDC has a significant contribution to the nation’s total power generation capacity, and its acquisition by POWERGRID further bolstered the company’s ability to transmit more power efficiently and securely across different parts of the country.

3. Powergrid Southern Interconnector Transmission System Limited

Powergrid Southern Interconnector Transmission System Limited is dedicated to strengthening the Southern Transmission system. It has been integral in the implementation of the 765kV Raichur-Solapur Transmission Line. This project substantially enhanced the interconnection of the Southern Region with the National Grid, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply.

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Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. Services

1. Transmission Services:

The transmission services of the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. stand as a pillar supporting the energy infrastructure in India. Through these services, POWERGRID has successfully established a wide network of transmission lines covering more than 164,064 circuit kilometres. A significant milestone for the transmission services was the realisation of a 1,200 kV UHVAC transmission system in 2017. This achievement affirmed POWERGRID’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology to enhance the nation’s transmission capacity. By mitigating transmission losses and enhancing the grid’s reliability, POWERGRID’s transmission services continue to bolster India’s objective of ensuring power for all.

2. Consultancy:

The consultancy arm of POWERGRID has garnered significant acclaim by offering comprehensive solutions in power transmission. In 2003, the company secured its first consultancy contract from Bhutan Telecommunications, marking a significant expansion in its consultancy operations. Their expertise ranges from project management, design and engineering to operations and maintenance. Contributing to various national and international projects, POWERGRID’s consultancy services bolster the global transition towards enhanced and efficient power transmission systems.

3. Telecommunication:

POWERGRID’s foray into telecommunications marks a strategic diversification, leveraging its extensive optical fiber network laid along the transmission lines. Offering National Long Distance (NLD) and International Long Distance (ILD) services, the telecommunication services extend across various sectors, providing robust and reliable connectivity solutions. In 2016, POWERGRID commissioned India’s first 800+ km, 765kV phase-shifting transformer, enhancing the telecommunication services’ reach and efficiency.


The Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (POWERGRID) plays a vital role in strengthening India’s economy and improving the lives of its people. It ensures a consistent electricity supply across the country, impacting various sectors positively. The commitment of POWERGRID to expand its services and use advanced technology highlights its dedication to India’s progress. The corporation’s projects have enhanced the nation’s energy system, guaranteeing stable and efficient electricity. This contribution leads to better living standards, economic growth, and industrial development. Looking to the future, POWERGRID’s continuous efforts will further reinforce India’s energy infrastructure, supporting a wealthier and self-sufficient nation and confirming its crucial role in India’s ongoing development.

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