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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) is always a topic of interest in the world of finance. The majority of investors wait for this opportunity to invest in companies that are aiming to go public. Whenever an investor applies for an IPO, funds deposited in the bank account are blocked. After submitting documents for IPO application, investors search for allotment status. On the day of allotment, the funds that are needed for the allotment of shares are debited.

Once all the funds in an IPO are released, all of the amount that remained blocked for an IPO application is also released. This however depends on the status of the application. The investor can use the funds as required upon release of funds.

According to the rule, initiation of IPO refunds takes place within 4 working days of the closure of the issue. If the refunding of money doesn’t take place within a stipulated period, the issuer must pay a penalty. The issuer then needs to return their money with interest to the bidders.

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Here, in this article, we will look into communication details of Niche Technologies Private Limited, the latest IPOs, services offered, and more.

About Niche Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Niche Technologies Private Limited is a well-recognised SEBI-approved Category I registrar to issues and share transfer agent. The company has all the necessary modern infrastructure facilities for catering the needs of primary and secondary markets. It is involved in market-related activities that include bonus issues, preferential issues, public issues, right issues, mergers, and other activities relating to shares and securities.

Niche Technologies has ranked among the top registrars on an all-India basis because of the number of issues handled. Apart from this, the company is considered as one of the leading share transfer agents operating successfully over the years in Eastern India. Moreover, Niche Technologies has a team of well-efficient professionals from various fields all over the country. They include chartered financial analysts, cost accountants, company secretaries, data processing experts, and more.

The notable directors of the company are Sarwan Kumar Barjatya, Sanjay Kumar Agrawal, Dilip Kumar Patni, Kamal Nayan Jain, Ashok Kumar Biyani, Nirmal Kumar Biyani and Arihant Patni. The professionals, here, work hard to execute their jobs in the most efficient manner and in a time-bound schedule.


Here is the address and contact details of Niche Technologies Private Limited:

Address3A Auckland Place,
7th Floor, Room No. 7A & 7B, Kolkata 700017
Phone2235-7270/ 7271

IPOs by Niche Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Here is the list of latest IPOs that Niche Technologies Private Limited offers its investors:

Issuer CompanyExchangeIssue Open
Gallantt Ispat Ltd IPOBSE, NSESep 22, 2010
Burnpur Cement Limited IPOBSE, NSENov 28, 2007

Services Offered by Niche Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Niche Technologies Private Limited works closely with the clients as Registrar to Issue and Securities Transfer Agent to offer them the following services:

  • Recording changes in holdings i.e. converting physical holding to electronic holding (dematerialisation and rematerialisation)
  • Recording change of address, details of bank account that is received from investors regarding physical shares holding
  • Processing transfer of securities in physical form
  • Issuance of duplicate share certificates
  • Processing transposition/consolidation and transmission of physical share holdings
  • Registration of nomination of physical shareholding
  • Investor services that include investor-related information through written communication and telephone or via e-mail
  • Processing additional issues of shares such as bonus issues, dividend payments, preferential issues, and more

Depository Connected Services

  • Dematerialisation and rematerialisation of securities
  • Carrying out various actions for lock-in of securities (credit/debit)
  • Reconciliation of electronic holding
  • Carrying out proper interaction with depository participants along with other entities
  • Carrying out interaction with NSDL/CDSL of the company’s securities for demat

To conclude, Niche Technologies Private Limited is a leading Registrar and Transfer Agent, equipped with the latest computer hardware. Because of its huge computer setup and existing manpower, it can handle issues and share maintenance of large companies.
If you face any issues regarding the IPO investment with Niche Technologies, contact the customer care directly. You can also leave a message or mail to their respective address mentioned above stating your respective queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many IPOs have been carried out by Niche Technologies Private Limited to date?

Answer Field

To date, around 850+ IPOs have been carried out by Niche Technologies, thereby, making it a market leader.

Does lot size matter in allotment of IPO shares?

Answer Field

Yes, lot size matters in allotment of IPO shares. It decides the number of shares you can buy and the minimum and maximum investment amount.

When should I check for IPO allotment status?

Answer Field

You can check for IPO allotment status within 3-4 business days after the completion of the IPO process.

Is IPO allotment dependent on the broker?

Answer Field

No, IPO allotment doesn’t depend on the broker. It is the register, who remains solely responsible for the allotment of IPOs.

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