Landmark Cars to Acquire Honda Dealerships in Rajasthan

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Landmark Cars Limited is poised to expand its dealership network in Rajasthan with the acquisition of existing Honda dealerships in Jaipur, Alwar, and Bhiwadi. The deal, undertaken by its subsidiary Landmark Automobiles, positions Landmark as the leading Honda dealer in India. Landmark currently operates 10 Honda dealerships across Gujarat and Indore, with a total of 117 sales touchpoints across India.

Landmark Cars News Today

Mumbai-based Landmark Cars Limited has received a letter of intent from Honda Cars India Ltd to acquire existing dealership operations in Jaipur, Alwar, and Bhiwadi. The acquisition will be executed by Landmark Automobiles Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landmark.

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Expansion into Rajasthan

This move marks Landmark Cars' expansion into Rajasthan, adding to its existing dealership network spanning across 11 states. Sanjay Thakker, Promoter and Chairman of Landmark Cars expressed enthusiasm about this entry into Rajasthan, highlighting Landmark's profitable partnership with Honda over the years.

Becoming the Largest Honda Dealer in India

Upon completion of the acquisition, Landmark Cars will become the largest Honda dealer in India. Sanjay Thakker emphasised Honda's consistent profitability within Landmark's portfolio and how this development aligns with their expansion strategy.

Current Operations and Financials

Currently, Landmark Cars operates 10 Honda dealerships across Gujarat and Indore, with a total of 117 sales touchpoints across 27 cities in India. Additionally, the company's retail network includes brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Mahindra & Mahindra.

Landmark Cars' acquisition of Honda dealerships in Rajasthan signifies a significant expansion in its dealership network and consolidates its position as a leading player in the Indian automotive retail industry.

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