Jubilant FoodWorks Q4: Net Profit up by 632% YoY

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The famous food operator, Jubilant FoodWorks, announced its Q4 results on 22 May 2024 with a stride in its step as it reported a Consolidated Net Profit (PAT) standing at ₹208.9 Cr, a rise of a whopping 632% YoY. There was more jubilance in the Q4 report as the Company clocked excellent figures with Revenue up 23.9% YoY, standing at ₹1572.8 Cr for the quarter. Domino’s (India) LFL trajectory witnessed a turnaround by the fourth quarter of FY24, as the brand continues to be a winner in the market.

5 Key Financial Highlights

Jubilant FoodWorks Q4 exhibited growth dynamics in its overall results with expansion plans in full swing and almost a store a day added to its fleet in FY24. Here are the main consolidated financial highlights of Q4 for the legacy food operator:

  • For Q4, Consolidated Revenue was at ₹1572.8 Cr, up by 23.9% YoY
  • The Profit After Tax (PAT) in Q4 was at ₹208.9 Cr, a huge rise of 632% YoY
  • The Profit Before Tax (PBT) for Q4 was at ₹225.0 Cr
  • Operating EBITDA for Q4 was at ₹310.3 Cr, a jump of 24.6% YoY
  • The fourth quarter EBITDA Margin was at 19.7% and Gross Margin was at 76.6%

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Jubilant FoodWorks Q4 Results - Business Happiness

The Indian restaurant franchisee, Jubilant FoodWorks Q4 results and FY24 results give the Company nothing to complain about as it has risen from strength to strength with its ever-popular Domino’s Pizza and other adored brands, in India and abroad. With key metrics displaying happiness in the Company’s performance, operational success has motivated Jubilant FoodWorks from the start. Here are some important business aspects that put a twinkle in the eye of the food giant:

  • Jubilant FoodWorks witnessed its highest-ever quarterly network addition of 112 stores in Q4
  • Domino’s India like-for-like trajectory turned around in Q4; this was due to many pre-planned strategic interventions, such as strengthened regional infrastructure, boosted on-ground execution, a brand revamp and further refining the value proposition via targeted delivery fee waivers during a period of weak demand. The Revenue growth in the India business was largely led by Domino’s Revenue growth
  • Domino’s India pegged record-high new customer acquisition growth with improvement in delivery going to under 20 minutes
  • The accelerated expansion of Popeyes continues with its entry into new cities and 42 stores currently serving consumers in 15 cities in India
  • The Company's Board of Directors has recommended a dividend of ₹1.2 per equity share of face value of ₹2 each for the financial year ended 31 March 2024, subject to shareholders' approval at the Annual General Meeting

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Key Financial Metrics - Consolidated Q4 (FY2023-24) Financial Results (Income Statement) of Jubilant FoodWorks (in ₹ Crore)


Q4 FY24

Q4 FY23

Change %

Revenue from Operations




Gross Profit




Gross Profit Margin












Profit Before Tax




Profit After Tax




Jubilant FoodWorks Q4 - The Story Doesn’t End Here

For Jubilant FoodWorks, the Company that has brought the much-loved Domino’s Pizza to India, FY24 and Q4 FY24 have been periods of substantial success spanning all strategic domains. The Company has forged ahead with a rise in business reinvestments to usher in growth in the future across every brand and all markets. With new product launches across brands in key overseas markets like Turkey, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, the Company is encouraged enough by its fourth-quarter numbers and operational performance to write home about. 

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With the key brand that has made Jubilant FoodWorks proud in India, Domino’s India is on the verge of hitting a record number of stores on Indian shores, nearly reaching a 2,000-store network across 421 cities in the nation. Domino’s has put Jubilant Foodworks on the fast food map but with the Company’s excellent operational capabilities and constant modifications to its business model, the Company has all the right moves in the fast-food service industry. 

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About Jubilant FoodWorks

Part of the evolving JFL Group of Companies, Jubilant FoodWorks was established in 1995, and ranks among the top emerging markets’ food service companies. Its Group network comprises 2,991 stores across six main markets – India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Georgia, Sri Lanka, and Azerbaijan. The Group has a healthy portfolio of brands in emerging markets with franchise rights for three global brands such as its jewel in the crown, Domino’s, its second franchise, Popeyes, and Dunkin’ – and two ownership brands, Hong’s Kitchen, an Indo-Chinese QSR brand in India, and a 

CAFÉ brand - COFFY in Turkey. With its plans for expansion across its segments, the Company hopes for more penetration in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Q4 result of Jubilant FoodWorks?

Answer Field

In Q4, Jubilant FoodWorks displayed a show of strength in its operational and financial metrics with its Revenue up YoY, and its PAT reaching a blockbuster 632%YoY growth.

Has Q4 been successful for Jubilant FoodWorks?

Answer Field

Yes, Q4 has been highly successful for Jubilant FoodWorks, with its financial parameters up YoY by substantial numbers, especially its PAT. With the ongoing expansion of stores and brands across the country, Jubilant FoodWorks is all set to excel in the coming fiscal year. 

What is the future of Jubilant FoodWorks after the Q4 results?

Answer Field

Jubilant FoodWorks Q4 results have cemented the Company’s position as one of India’s premier food franchisees. In the future, the Company hopes to expand its footprint and its network, both in India and overseas, and bring more customer-friendly features to the overall dining experience, whether its via their new app features or their prompt delivery standards.

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