Infosys Teams Up with French Tennis Fed for AI at Roland-Garros 2024

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Infosys and French Tennis Federation team up to introduce AI innovations for Roland-Garros 2024, including predictive gameplay and virtual experiences. New initiatives offer fans, players, and coaches immersive digital engagement, with a STEM program engaging 30 students from Gerson School in Paris.

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Infosys, in collaboration with the French Tennis Federation (FFT), unveils a range of AI-driven innovations aimed at transforming the digital experience for Roland-Garros 2024 attendees. Leveraging Infosys Topaz, these initiatives promise to revolutionise fan engagement, player performance analysis, and educational outreach.


Infosys FFT STEM Program

Infosys and FFT continue their STEM program, engaging 30 students from Gerson School in Paris. Students will participate in workshops with Infosys tech experts at Roland-Garros, bridging the gap between technology and practical education.

Infosys EVP and Global Chief Marketing Officer Sumit Virmani emphasises the company's commitment to enhancing the game through cutting-edge technologies, while FFT CEO Stephane Morel highlights the partnership's role in setting new standards for global fan engagement and player performance.

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AI Bracket Challenge

The AI Bracket Challenge gamifies the Roland-Garros experience by allowing fans to predict match outcomes throughout the tournament. An AI-powered prediction feature assists fans in completing their brackets, with winners awarded access to 2025 match tickets.

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New Symbol Room in RG’s Infosys 3D Art Museum

The Symbol Room in the Infosys 3D Art Museum showcases iconic symbols and moments from Roland-Garros history through high-resolution 3D scans and interactive exhibits, enriching the virtual visitor experience.

Split Screen Analysis in Players Portal

The Split Screen Analysis tool in the Players Portal provides players and coaches with a sophisticated analytical platform for side-by-side video comparisons and real-time performance analytics. AI-driven insights offer tailored feedback to enhance strategic planning and training.

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