India's Coal Production Surges 7.41% to 78.69 MT in April 2024


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India's domestic coal production surged by 7.41% in April 2024, reaching 78.69 million tonnes (MT) compared to 73.26 MT in the same month of the previous fiscal year. Coal India Ltd (CIL) contributed significantly to this growth, achieving a provisional production of 61.78 MT, marking a 7.31% increase from the previous year. Additionally, coal production by captive/others stood at 11.43 MT, a 12.99% rise from the previous year's 10.12 MT.

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India witnessed a remarkable surge in domestic coal production, recording a 7.41% increase to 78.69 MT compared to 73.26 MT in April of the previous fiscal year. Coal India Ltd (CIL), a major player in India's coal sector, played a pivotal role in driving the increased production.

CIL achieved a provisional production of 61.78 MT in April 2024, marking a substantial 7.31% growth from the corresponding period last year.

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Growth in Production by Captive/Others

In addition to CIL's performance, coal production by captive/others witnessed robust growth, reaching 11.43 MT (provisional) in April 2024. This reflects a notable increase of 12.99% from the previous year's production of 10.12 MT.

Surge in Coal Dispatch

The surge in production translated into increased coal dispatch for the country. India dispatched 85.10 MT (provisional) of coal in April 2024, marking a significant rise from the 80.23 MT dispatched in April of the previous fiscal year.

Coal India continues to dominate the domestic coal output landscape, contributing over 80% of the total production. Its consistent performance underscores its significance in India's coal sector.

India's coal production showcased resilience and growth in April 2024, driven by the commendable performance of Coal India Ltd and robust contributions from captive/others' production sectors.


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