India's Agricultural Exports Decline 8.8% to $43.7 Billion

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 India's agricultural exports dropped by 8.8% to $43.7 billion in April-February 2023-24 due to global crises and domestic restrictions, slowing GDP growth to 0.7%. Basmati rice exports surged by 22% to $5.2 billion and alcoholic beverage exports thrived despite challenges.

India's agricultural exports faced an 8.8% decline, totalling $43.7 billion from April-February 2023-24, primarily due to the Red Sea crisis, the Russia-Ukraine war, and domestic restrictions on critical items such as rice, wheat, sugar, and onions.

This decline, along with a slowdown in agricultural GDP growth to 0.7%, reflects the significant challenges faced by the sector. Although the Israel-Iran conflict hasn't had much impact.

Positive Growth Amidst Challenges

Despite the overall decline, certain agricultural commodities showed resilience. Basmati rice exports notably increased by 22%, reaching $5.2 billion. Additionally, exports of fresh fruit, buffalo meat, processed vegetables, and bananas witnessed positive growth amidst the challenging export environment.

Indian alcoholic beverage exports thrived, showcasing the adaptability of the sector. Despite concerns about the Middle East conflict, there have been minimal visible impacts on its exports, with continuous monitoring in place to assess any developments.

Export Promotion Strategies and Future Outlook

The government is creating sea protocols to keep perishable goods fresh for global markets. India is actively working on export plans for 20 agricultural products, collaborating with states and farmers to develop strategies.

Despite challenges, India is committed to boosting agricultural exports by promoting specific products, aiming to overcome geopolitical and domestic issues and seize new opportunities in the global market.

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