Gold Rate Today - April 09, 2024

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India ranks as the world's second-largest consumer of gold, trailing only behind China. The nation's demand for gold is primarily satisfied through imports and the recycling of domestic bullion. Thus, international gold prices, which are quoted in U.S. dollars, along with import duties and other local taxes, significantly influence the domestic rates of gold. While bullion is traditionally viewed as a safeguard against inflation, the prices of this precious metal are also affected by bond yields and the exchange rate of the dollar. Below are the updated gold prices across major cities in India.

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Gold Rate Today in India

Gold Rate in Different Countries
Country24 Carat Gold Rate (10 grams)22 Carat Gold Rate (10 grams)

Gold Rates Today


Purity and Weight
Purity and WeightPrice Today (date)Price Yesterday (date)Difference
22K (10 gm)₹ 66,794+1566.00
24K (10 gm)₹ 72,918+1708.00


Gold Rate Information
Purity and WeightPrice Today (date)Price Yesterday (date)Difference
22K (10 gm)₹ 67,447.00₹ 65,356.00+2091.00
24K (10 gm)₹ 73,637.00₹ 71,350.00+2281.00


Gold Rate Information
Purity and WeightPrice Today (date)Price Yesterday (date)Difference
22K (10 gm)₹ 66,728.00₹ 65,612.00+1116.00
24K (10 gm)₹ 72,847.00₹ 71,629.00+1218.00


Gold Rate Information
Purity and WeightPrice Today (date)Price Yesterday (date)Difference
22K (10 gm)₹ 67,316.00₹ 65,228.00+2088.00
24K (10 gm)₹73,489.00₹ 71,210.00+2279.00

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Gold Rates in Different Cities in India

Gold Rate by City
City Name22 Carat Rate (₹)24 Carat Rate (₹)

Note : The gold rates mentioned in the above tables have been taken as of 09th April, 2024 at 09:24 AM

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should investors consider before buying gold in India?

Answer Field

Investors should assess their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and the prevailing market conditions before buying gold, considering factors like purity, pricing, and storage options.

Are gold rates in India affected by the strength of the Indian rupee?

Answer Field

Yes, the strength or weakness of the Indian rupee against major currencies like the US dollar can influence gold prices in India, as gold is traded internationally in US dollars.

How do fluctuations in the global economy impact gold rates in India?

Answer Field

Economic uncertainties, inflation, interest rates, and geopolitical tensions on a global scale can influence investor sentiment towards gold, impacting its prices in India.

Do festivals and weddings affect gold rates in India?

Answer Field

Yes, festivals and wedding seasons typically drive up demand for gold in India, leading to short-term price increases due to higher consumer buying activity.

What role do government policies play in influencing gold rates in India?

Answer Field

Government policies such as import duties, GST rates, and regulations on gold imports can impact domestic gold prices by affecting supply and demand dynamics.

How can I track gold rates in India?

Answer Field

You can monitor gold rates through broking platforms, financial news websites, dedicated gold price tracking apps, or by contacting local jewellers and bullion dealers.

How often do gold rates change during the day?

Answer Field

Gold rates can change multiple times a day, reflecting real-time market conditions and fluctuations in international gold prices.

What are the primary factors influencing fluctuations in gold rates?

Answer Field

Global economic indicators, geopolitical tensions, currency movements, and supply-demand dynamics are key factors driving fluctuations in gold rates.

Why do gold rates vary across different cities in India?

Answer Field

Gold rates fluctuate due to factors like local demand, transportation costs, and regional taxes, causing variations in prices across cities.

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