Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. – An In-Depth Analysis

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In the world of healthcare, there’s a standout name – Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories  Ltd. Established in 1984 and headquartered in Hyderabad, India, this company is driven by a mission to enhance healthcare while making it more accessible. Within this blog, we will closely examine the journey of Dr. Reddy’s, where a blend of scientific expertise and compassionate commitment unfolds.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. firmly upholds the belief that ‘Good Health Can’t Wait.’ Their extensive product range covers a wide array of healthcare solutions, from medications addressing ailments such as heart conditions, diabetes, and cancer, among others. Their reach extends not just within India but also spans across the USA, Russia, China, Brazil, Europe, and beyond.

Dr. Reddy’s extend their care towards environmental sustainability, ensuring patient accessibility to quality healthcare, promoting diversity, and upholding robust governance practices. Join us as we begin this exploration to uncover the historical milestones, subsidiaries, acquisitions, and the notable products that have firmly established Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. as a distinguished name in the field of healthcare.

About Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

FounderDr. K. Anji Reddy
Industry TypePharmaceutical
HeadquartersHyderabad, India
Key PeopleK. Satish Reddy (Chairman)Erez Israeli (Chief Executive Officer)
Number of Employees24,832
Countries Present74 countries worldwide
Market Cap₹929.90 billion

Overview of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. is a renowned global pharmaceutical company with a significant revenue of $2.99 billion. It employs 24,832 individuals from 74 countries and 53 different nationalities, underlining its global and diverse workforce. The company places a strong emphasis on research and development, operating notable R&D centres in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and India. With more than 2,400 scientists working around the clock, Dr. Reddy’s is dedicated to solving pressing problems in the field of medicine and improving lives worldwide.

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. is unwavering in its commitment to providing accessible and affordable medicines to people everywhere. The company’s extensive portfolio includes APIs, biosimilars, branded generics and over-the-counter products, spanning various therapeutic areas.

The extensive global presence of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., covering India, the USA, Russia & CIS countries, China, Brazil, and Europe, reflects its far-reaching impact and influence in the pharmaceutical industry. It continues to forge ahead, staying true to its mission of ensuring good health for all, substantiating its standing as a significant player in global healthcare.

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Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. History

1984: Founded by Dr. K. Anji Reddy in Hyderabad, India. This year marked the birth of a pharmaceutical giant that would go on to revolutionise healthcare globally.

1986: Launched Norilet, the company’s first recognised brand in the market.

1993: Initiated research and development in the field of New Chemical Entities (NCEs).

1997: Marked the company’s first overseas venture with the establishment of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in Russia.

2001: Acquired American Remedies Ltd., a significant strategic step in expanding the company’s product portfolio.

2006: Acquired Betapharm, a leading German generic pharmaceutical company.

2015: Established a strategic collaboration with Amgen, one of the world’s leading independent biotechnology companies.

2020: Launched Avigan (Favipiravir) tablets for the potential treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 cases in India.

2021: Dr. Reddy’s received approval to launch Molnupiravir capsules in India. It also announced the introduction of Venlafaxine ER Tablets and Icosapent Ethyl Capsules in the U.S. market. The company gained USFDA approval for Lenalidomide Capsules and introduced Reddy-Lenalidomide in Canada. A digital health collaboration with ICICI Lombard was established.

2022: Dr. Reddy’s announced the U.S. launch of Lenalidomide Capsules and Bortezomib for Injection. The company entered a licensing agreement with Slayback Pharma and launched Fesoterodine Fumarate Tablets in the U.S. market.

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Major Subsidiaries of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. holds a robust network of subsidiaries, each contributing uniquely to the holistic progress and innovation of the parent company. Below is a closer look into the major subsidiaries and their significant roles:

Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd.

Aurigene Discovery Technologies, located both in India and Malaysia, stands as a focal subsidiary of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., being prominently involved in discovery research. This subsidiary accentuates Dr. Reddy’s dedication to pioneering novel and distinguished therapies, thereby reinforcing the company’s overarching commitment to advancing global health and wellness. Aurigene’s persistent research initiatives substantially enhance the pharmaceutical discovery capabilities of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., thereby playing a crucial role in medical advancement and innovative pharmaceutical solutions.

Promius Pharma LLC

Promius Pharma LLC, a subsidiary based in the United States, showcases a concentrated endeavour in the development and commercialisation of proprietary prescription brands, with a particular focus on dermatological solutions. This entity strengthens the global reach and impact of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories  Ltd., especially in the United States, by providing effectual and accessible dermatological solutions. The subsidiary’s commitment to ensuring a broad spectrum of patients’ access to innovative and effective dermatological solutions significantly bolsters Dr. Reddy’s standing in the international healthcare sector.

Imperial Credit Private Ltd.

Situated in India, Imperial Credit Private Ltd. operates as a financial backbone to various initiatives within Dr. Reddy’s ecosystem. This subsidiary’s financial acumen and support are pivotal for seamlessly driving forward various projects and expansions. By offering robust financial backing, Imperial Credit Private Ltd. ensures the continuous and smooth operation and progression of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., thereby contributing to its global growth and expansion.

Major Acquisitions and Joint Ventures by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

Acquisition of Betapharm

In 2006, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories made a significant stride by acquiring Betapharm, one of Germany’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies. This noteworthy acquisition enabled Dr. Reddy’s to substantially expand its footprint in the European market. The unification with Betapharm amplified Dr. Reddy’s product assortment and distribution network across Europe, cementing its stance as a pivotal provider of innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions in the region. The integration of Betapharm’s capabilities allowed Dr. Reddy’s to reach more patients and healthcare providers, reinforcing its global impact in making healthcare accessible to all.

Joint Venture with Merck Serono

In 2012, Dr. Reddy’s embarked on a collaborative journey with Merck Serono, a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. This joint venture is centred around the co-development of a robust portfolio of biosimilar compounds specifically in the field of oncology for the global market. The synergy of Dr. Reddy’s proven capabilities in drug development and manufacturing, along with Merck Serono’s extensive global commercial presence in the oncology sector, made this partnership mutually beneficial. The collaborative effort is a testament to Dr. Reddy’s unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive and advanced healthcare solutions, harnessing the collective strengths of both entities.

Joint Venture with FUJIFILM Corporation

In 2011, Dr. Reddy’s entered into a joint venture with FUJIFILM Corporation. This collaboration aimed to cultivate a comprehensive portfolio of both diagnostic and therapeutic products. The alliance leverages the distinct strengths of each involved entity, enhancing the capacity to provide advanced, affordable, and accessible healthcare solutions to an expansive population. 

Products/Brands Under Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

1. Nise (Nimesulide)

Nise is a medication used for treating acute pain and inflammation. It contains Nimesulide as its active ingredient and is commonly recommended for various painful conditions. Continuously monitored for safety and effectiveness, it stands as a trusted name in pain management. Ongoing research ensures its continuous improvement, maintaining high safety and efficacy standards.

2. Omez (Omeprazole)

Omez is used to treat conditions caused by excessive acid production in the stomach, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ulcers, and heartburn. Containing Omeprazole, it effectively reduces stomach acid, promoting healing and providing symptomatic relief. Its longstanding worldwide use underscores its reliability and effectiveness in managing gastrointestinal ailments.

3. Reditux (Rituximab)

Reditux, used in the management of certain cancers and autoimmune disorders, contains Rituximab. It is particularly effective against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Engineered for targeted action, it minimises impact on healthy cells, affirming its significant role in cancer therapy and patient care.

4. Reclimet (Metformin and Glibenclamide)

Reclimet, containing Metformin and Glibenclamide, is used for managing type 2 diabetes mellitus in adults. It effectively manages blood sugar levels, aiding in the prevention of diabetes-related complications. Its role in efficient blood sugar management reinforces its position as a crucial medication in diabetes care.


Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. has shown consistent growth since its foundation in 1984. The company has made a substantial impact on global healthcare by providing a wide range of crucial medications and innovative solutions. Its commitment to improving lives worldwide remains steadfast. In the future, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. is expected to continue its significant contribution to healthcare, ensuring that effective and affordable medications are accessible to all.

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