Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. – A Comprehensive Overview

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Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. is one of the world’s top three manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Established in 1990 in Hyderabad, the company’s journey from a small enterprise to a global pharmaceutical giant is remarkable. Over the decades, Divi’s Laboratories Limited has consistently showcased a commitment to quality and innovation, propelling its growth and establishing a significant international footprint.

This blog will guide you through the company’s history, highlighting key milestones, and providing an overview of its rise over the years. We’ll also explore the company’s major subsidiaries and acquaint yourself with its extensive product range. 

About Divi’s Laboratories Ltd.

Industry TypePharmaceuticals
Founded Year1990
HeadquartersHyderabad, India
Key PeopleMurali K. Divi (Chairman)
Dr. Kiran S. Divi (CEO)
PresenceOver 100+ countries
Market Cap₹999.53 billion
Total EmployeesApprox. 17,000

Overview of Divi’s Laboratories Ltd.

Established more than three decades ago in Hyderabad, Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. proudly stands among India’s premier pharmaceutical companies. The company houses two advanced manufacturing units in Hyderabad and Vizag, underscoring its robust capacity to cater to global demands for high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

As a trusted provider of generic APIs and a reputable custom manufacturer for global pharmaceutical companies, Divi’s Laboratories consistently gains global acknowledgement and confidence. The company’s notable rise to become one of the world’s top three API manufacturers underscores its dedication to excellence, quality, and innovation.

A large workforce of around 17,000 dedicated professionals and approximately 400 scientists collaboratively work to ensure the consistent delivery of world-class products to over 100 countries. This extensive global outreach reflects the company’s significant role in enhancing global health and wellness.

In the fiscal year 2021-22, Divi’s Laboratories registered a remarkable revenue of approximately $1.2 billion, showcasing its stable and growing foothold in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, its manufacturing facilities have successfully passed multiple inspections by global health authorities such as the USFDA, EU GMP (UK, Slovenia, German, and Irish authorities), and HEALTH CANADA, highlighting the company’s adherence to international compliance standards.

Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. exemplifies pharmaceutical excellence with its consistent focus on quality, global expansion, and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch pharmaceutical products, contributing positively to worldwide health and well-being.

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Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. History

1990: Founded by Dr. Murali K. Divi, Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. embarks on its journey in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is established in Hyderabad, India, aiming to provide high-quality pharmaceutical products worldwide.

1995: Within five years, Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. sets a firm foundation and begins to make its mark as a reputable manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

2000: The company demonstrates significant growth and expansion, establishing itself as a trusted name in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It expands its manufacturing units and workforce to cater to increasing global demands.

2002: Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. goes public, being listed on the Indian stock exchange, enhancing its financial foundation and attracting investments to fuel further growth and expansion.

2005: Divi’s further solidifies its global presence by exporting products to over 50 countries, emphasising its commitment to meeting international standards and regulations.

2010: The company reaches a landmark by exporting to 100+ countries, showcasing its expansive global reach and the trust it garners from international markets.

2013: Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. advances its research and development, investing in innovative solutions and technologies to improve its product offerings and manufacturing processes.

2015: The company continues to grow and enhance its infrastructure. Its manufacturing facilities are inspected and approved by various international health authorities, reaffirming its commitment to quality and compliance.

2018: Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. celebrates the milestone of being one of the top three API manufacturers in the world, reflecting its expertise, experience, and excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

2021: Divi’s posts a revenue of $1.2 billion for the fiscal year 2021-22, highlighting the company’s stability, growth, and substantial market presence.

2022: Divi’s Laboratories wins the EHS Excellence Award. 

Major Subsidiaries of Divi’s Laboratories Ltd.

In this section, we will delve deeper into the major subsidiaries of Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. that play a fundamental role in the company’s global outreach and operations. The subsidiaries have enabled the company to cement its place in the international pharmaceutical industry by enhancing its operational capabilities and market reach.

Divis Laboratories (USA) Inc, New Jersey, USA

Divis Laboratories (USA) Inc, located in New Jersey, USA, is the key subsidiary of Divi’s Laboratories Ltd., which helps in broadening its operational horizon in the substantial pharmaceutical domain of the United States. The subsidiary diligently works to maintain the seamless supply of high-quality pharmaceutical products to the US market, adhering to the industry standards and regulatory compliances of the country. By doing so, it aids in boosting the revenue streams and market share of Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. in the competitive US market.

Divi’s Laboratories Europe AG, Basel, Switzerland

Situated in Basel, Switzerland, Divi’s Laboratories Europe AG is another significant subsidiary enhancing Divi’s Laboratories’ European operations. This subsidiary acts as an essential conduit for the company, managing the distribution and supply chains within the European territories. It helps the parent company to navigate through the diverse and intricate European pharmaceutical market, ensuring the efficient delivery of pharmaceutical products to various European countries. The subsidiary’s role is paramount in reinforcing Divi’s Laboratories’ global stance, contributing to its revenue and growth in the European region.

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Products/Brands Under Divi’s Laboratories Ltd.

Generic APIs

Divi’s Laboratories continues to lead globally in producing Large Volume Generic APIs. They create 30 different APIs every year in large amounts, keeping their place as one of the world’s top API producers. They are also working on an additional 10 APIs that are in various stages of development. Their commitment to quality and leadership is seen as they are one of the top two producers in the world for 18 out of these 30 APIs. They have achieved this by focusing on timely production, quality, and integration to basic materials. Divi’s is dedicated to being a reliable API supplier, continuously improving their processes and offering competitive prices.

Custom Synthesis

Divi’s is also involved in Custom Synthesis. They work with global companies to produce APIs and Intermediates for various therapeutic areas. They are skilled in handling high-energy reactions to meet the unique needs of large pharmaceutical companies. Both their manufacturing units have passed several quality and sustainability audits by big pharmaceutical companies. Divi’s has a strong and skilled R&D team of around 500 scientists who focus on developing and optimising innovative processes to maintain their leadership position.


Divi’s Laboratories also has a Nutraceutical Facility. This facility is dedicated to producing active ingredients and finished forms of Carotenoids. They supply a significant portion of carotenoids to major global food, dietary supplement, and feed manufacturers. The product portfolio includes a complete set of Carotenoids such as Beta Carotene, Astaxanthin, Lycopene, and Canthaxanthin, as well as other finished forms like Lutein and various vitamins. In addition to their standard product offerings, Divi’s also provides customised ingredient solutions in various forms, catering to diverse client needs.

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Divi’s Laboratories stands as a global leader in the pharmaceutical field, dedicated to improving global health. Producing 30 Large Volume Generic APIs and working on an additional 10, they are a significant contributor to the industry. With a skilled team and strong partnerships with big pharmaceutical companies, they ensure reliability and innovation in their offerings. Their extensive nutraceutical range highlights their diverse commitment to health and well-being. Having successfully undergone numerous global audits, their commitment to quality and excellence is evident.

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