Forecasted Decline in India’s Mining and Construction Equipment Industry in FY'25

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The mining and construction equipment industry in India might face a downturn in FY'25, as predicted by ICRA, with expected declines in both volume and revenue influenced by the Lok Sabha elections and monsoon season.


In a recent forecast by rating agency ICRA, India’s domestic mining and construction equipment (MCE) industry is expected to witness a downturn in FY'25. This anticipated decline comes after a period of robust growth, attributed to a slowdown in new project orders during the Lok Sabha elections and the monsoonal impact on construction activities. In this blog, we'll explore the factors leading to this projection, the potential impact on the industry, and how businesses can navigate these challenges.

The Backdrop of Growth:

The MCE industry has enjoyed two consecutive years of strong growth, with increases of 26% in FY'23 and 24% in FY'24. This growth was driven by aggressive government project executions and favourable market conditions. However, ICRA predicts a 12-15% year-on-year decline in volumes, translating to 1.14-1.18 lakh units in FY'25.

Factors Driving the Decline:

Electoral Impact:

The enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct during the Parliamentary Elections in April-May 2024 is expected to slow down the new project award activity. Historically, election periods tend to halt new government contracts and delay ongoing projects as focus shifts towards campaigning and policy enforcement. This standstill is predicted to last until the announcement of results on June 4, 2024, affecting the industry's output and revenue significantly.

Monsoon Effects:

The monsoon season further complicates the situation, traditionally slowing down construction activities due to logistical challenges and safety concerns in many parts of India. The heavy rains impact not only the pace but also the start of new projects, which are usually deferred until more favourable weather conditions prevail.

Economic Outlook:

Alongside these direct impacts, ICRA also forecasts a contraction in aggregate revenues by 9-12% and a decrease in operating margins by 100-150 basis points for FY'25 within its sample set of companies. These financial pressures could tighten budgets, leading to reduced investment in new equipment and potentially stalling the renewal of existing machinery.

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Navigating the Downturn:

Strategic Adjustments:

Companies in the MCE sector may need to adjust their strategies to weather the predicted downturn. This could include diversifying their service offerings, enhancing operational efficiencies, or exploring export opportunities to less affected markets.

Innovation and Adaptation:

Investing in innovation could also be a key strategy. Developing more versatile and weather-resistant equipment could mitigate the impact of monsoons on construction timelines, potentially opening up new market segments.

Government and Policy Support:

The role of governmental support and post-election policy directions will also be crucial. Incentives for quicker project starts and enhanced funding for infrastructure could help counteract some of the negative trends.


The forecasted decline in India's MCE industry in FY'25 presents significant challenges, but with proactive planning and strategic adjustments, businesses can navigate these turbulent times. Staying informed, flexible, and innovative will be key to overcoming the hurdles of electoral disruptions and seasonal impacts.

As we look toward FY'25, stakeholders across the industry will need to remain vigilant and adaptive to the changing economic landscape, preparing for both challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risk, read all related documents carefully before investing.

This content is for educational purposes only. Securities quoted are exemplary and not recommendatory.

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