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Founded in 1935, Cipla has been a dedicated provider of medicines and healthcare products to over 80 countries worldwide. The company is committed to ensuring that people around the globe have access to affordable and effective healthcare solutions. This commitment is reflected in their broad range of over 1,500 products that cater to various therapeutic categories.

In this blog, you will gain insights into Cipla’s history, learning about its significant contributions to healthcare, including its impactful role in making HIV/AIDS treatment more accessible. You will also get to know about the company’s major subsidiaries, acquisitions, and the variety of products it offers. Cipla’s extensive work and contributions highlight its continuous effort to meet diverse healthcare needs and enhance people’s lives globally.

About Cipla Ltd.

FounderDr. K.A. Hamied
Industry TypePharmaceuticals
HeadquartersMumbai, India
Key PeopleUmang Vohra (MD & Global CEO)
Market Cap₹957.60 billion
Total Employees25,000+
CountriesPresent in over 80 countries

Overview of Cipla Ltd.

Cipla Ltd. stands prominently in the pharmaceutical industry, with a significant turnover of $2.8 Billion. Built on the sturdy foundation of care, Cipla’s influence is widespread, providing more than 1,500 products across various therapeutic categories in over 80 countries worldwide. Despite a crowded market with over 5,000 pharmaceutical competitors, it holds a firm leadership position in India, contributing 19% to the national pharmaceutical revenues, thanks to its partnership with over 4,000 affiliates across the country.

The company’s focus on enhancing its growth is evident in its commitment to innovation and specialty medicine. Cipla has devoted significant capital towards acquiring and in-licensing assets, addressing the unmet clinical needs of patients globally. The establishment of Cipla Technologies LLC (CipTec) in San Diego, California, further reinforces this commitment. CipTec aims to build a solid, unique business model focusing on the areas of Respiratory, CNS, and Critical Care.

In India, Cipla is dedicated to expanding its reach, particularly in Tier 3 and Tier 4 towns, aiming to widen its product portfolio to cater to the diverse needs of the Indian population. Despite the regulatory challenges and uncertainties related to trade margins and product approvals, it’s Generics business continues to show robust growth.

Cipla’s subsidiary, Cipla Health Limited (CHL), is another testament to its commitment to healthcare. CHL is striving to make Cipla the most preferred consumer healthcare company in India, with innovative products like Nicotex and ActivKids ImmunoBoosters already making a significant impact in the market.

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1935: Dr. K. A. Hamied founded Cipla Ltd. in Mumbai with the vision to make India self-reliant in healthcare. This year marked the birth of a company that would later transform global healthcare access.

1960: As the years unfolded, Cipla maintained a steady growth trajectory. By 1960, it firmly established its research and development wing, marking the inception of innovation in its operations.

1970s: The decade witnessed Cipla’s continued growth. In the 1970s, Cipla ventured into the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), broadening its pharmaceutical footprint.

1980s: Cipla continued to expand its reach beyond India, initiating exports to other countries. This era marked the transition of Cipla into a multinational pharmaceutical entity.

1990s: This decade was noteworthy as Cipla received its first US FDA approval, signifying its compliance with international quality standards. This approval propelled Cipla onto the global stage, expanding its reach further.

2001: In a historic move, Cipla offered triple anti-retroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS at less than a dollar a day in Africa, drawing global attention to the issue of accessibility and affordability.

2005: Cipla unveiled its innovative drug Respules, the world’s first inhalable solution for treating asthma, reinforcing its commitment to respiratory healthcare.

2010s: Amidst the growing challenges in the pharmaceutical world, Cipla reinforced its commitment to innovation, focusing on novel drug delivery systems and strengthening its global presence.

2020: Launched Remdesivir under its brand name CIPREMI, following Gilead Sciences Inc.’s extension of a voluntary non-exclusive license to manufacture and market Cipla’s generic version of Remdesivir. Cipla was granted regulatory approval by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) for the launch of Favipiravir in India under the brand name Ciplenza. The Cipla Foundation funded the establishment of a state-of-the-art chemistry research laboratory at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Pune.

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Major Subsidiaries of Cipla Ltd.

Cipla Health Limited (CHL)

Dedicated to enhancing and simplifying healthcare for all, Cipla Health Limited is a prominent subsidiary of Cipla Ltd. CHL is steadfast in its mission to drive innovation and offer unique, need-oriented healthcare solutions. With a wide range of wellness products, CHL addresses numerous unmet consumer needs, providing quality and efficiency in its offerings. This commitment to health and well-being is manifested in its extensive product portfolio, which includes various health supplements and nutritional aids. The company’s robust approach ensures the promotion of wellness, reinforcing Cipla Ltd.’s overarching mission of ‘Caring for Life.’

Cipla Technologies LLC (CipTec)

Positioned in San Diego, California, Cipla Technologies LLC stands as a pillar in the world of specialty medicines, specifically in the areas of Respiratory, CNS, and Critical Care. CipTec is an invaluable asset to Cipla Ltd., facilitating the parent company’s engagement and operations within the thriving biotech and life sciences innovation hub in the United States. The establishment of CipTec represents Cipla Ltd.’s unyielding focus on expanding its global footprint in specialty medicine. The organisation is actively involved in the research and development of innovative healthcare solutions, contributing significantly to advancing global health and wellness.

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Major Acquisitions by Cipla Ltd.

InvaGen Pharmaceuticals

Year: 2016

Cipla’s acquisition of InvaGen Pharmaceuticals in 2016 marked a significant investment of $550 million, reinforcing Cipla’s dedication to expanding its presence in the U.S. generic drug market. This strategic acquisition offered Cipla a robust portfolio of 40 approved products, further solidifying the company’s foothold in the crucial U.S. healthcare market. The expansion illustrates Cipla’s long-term commitment to global healthcare development by ensuring its affordable and diverse healthcare solutions are available in one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical markets.

Exelan Pharmaceuticals

Year: 2016

In the same year, the acquisition of Exelan Pharmaceuticals enabled Cipla to augment its portfolio, particularly strengthening its position in the domain of anti-infective drugs. The move highlights Cipla’s unyielding focus on enhancing its standing in the U.S. market, and its unswerving commitment to making quality healthcare globally accessible.

Cipla South Africa

Year: 2013

Cipla’s acquisition of Cipla South Africa underlined its robust commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure in emerging markets. The move significantly strengthened Cipla’s position on the African continent, allowing the company to provide a wide array of affordable and essential medications and healthcare products to a diverse population.

Cipla Medpro South Africa Ltd.

Year: 2013

Cipla further solidified its footprint on the African continent with the acquisition of Cipla Medpro South Africa Ltd., the third-largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in South Africa. This acquisition reinforced Cipla’s mission to ensure global health and wellness by facilitating the broad distribution of crucial medications across diverse population groups.

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Products/Brands Under Cipla Ltd.


A notable nicotine gum brand under Cipla Ltd, aiding numerous individuals in their quest to quit smoking. It holds a strong market presence, indicative of its widespread effectiveness and acceptance among users. Nicotex’s mission continues to focus on innovation and expansion, aiming to assist more people in achieving a smoke-free life.

ActivKids ImmunoBoosters

A unique nutritional supplement for children, presented in an appealing chocolate format. It is extensively available across various platforms, ensuring its reach to numerous children across India. The brand’s commitment lies in the continuous improvement and expansion of its products, ensuring enhanced nutritional intake for children and promoting their overall well-being.

Cofsils Cough Drops 

Cipla’s significant entry into the herbal throat lozenge category. Despite being relatively new to the market, Cofsils has secured a substantial consumer base, providing natural and effective relief for throat issues. The brand aims to expand its offerings, ensuring that a wider audience has access to holistic throat care solutions.


A probiotic supplement that rapidly claimed its spot as the market leader in the Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG market within just 15 months of its launch. It stands as a testament to Cipla’s commitment to promoting gut health and overall well-being among its consumers. The brand’s future vision includes continual innovation and product range expansion, ensuring more individuals have access to effective probiotic solutions.

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Cipla’s unwavering commitment to ‘Caring for Life’ is evident in its broad range of more than 1,500 products, positively affecting numerous lives around the world. Despite facing difficulties from both a competitive and regulatory perspective, they consistently moves forward, reaching new heights and setting fresh standards in healthcare. Ranging from essential life-saving medications to various consumer health products, Cipla stands as a clear example of the influence of innovation, honesty, and concern for well-being. As you make your way through the world of healthcare, you can continually count on Cipla to lead the way, ensuring a healthier future for everyone.

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