Top AI Stocks in India: Investing in the Future of Tech

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The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) is being felt world over in many sectors like banking, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. In the last few years, many companies in India have developed terrific solutions with the help of AI.

AI helps automate business processes with little or no human intervention. It also helps businesses save costs and thereby gives a boost to their bottom line. Realising the potential of AI, several companies in India have started offering AI solutions. 

In this endeavour, they were helped by the ‘Digital India’ program of the central government, which has resulted in faster tech adoption in the country. By and large, everyone agrees that AI has been the most prominent change in the business space in the last two decades.

For investors, this is the right time to think of investing in AI stocks. To make their task easier, we have picked some of the best AI stocks in India. 


  • Persistent Systems
  • Zensar Technologies
  • Kellton Tech Solutions
  • Affle (India)
  • Bosch
  • Oracle Financial Services Software

Persistent Systems

This software company started in India in 1990 and since then it has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, it has a presence in many countries, making it a multi-national software player. It offers several AI solutions, including industry solutions, enterprise reinvention, search and insights, and accelerated engineering. Its AI solutions enable clients by reducing their costs, improving the pace of revenue growth, and removing human intervention. The company is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Microsoft, and Google to build intellectual property using AI. It is one of the best AI stocks in India if you are keen on this sector.


Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies is a major player in technology services and digital solutions. It has recently announced two accelerators that help companies adopt generative AI. These solutions are expected to help businesses improve their quality, speed, and customer satisfaction. The company has many other products powered by AI. For example, its product ‘Smart Advisor’ helps financial advisors work fast and efficiently. It helps them analyse market-related news and sentiments with great precision.


Kellton Tech Solutions

This is one of the leading companies in AI and machine learning (ML) solutions in the country. It helps transform companies through its services like product engineering, digital experience, AI & ML, SAP, data science & engineering, cloud engineering, and next-gen services. It has worked with several prominent brands like Indigo Airlines, Adani, KFC, Abbott, and Zee5. It is certainly one of the best AI stocks in the country. 


Affle (India)

This AI company has a consumer intelligence platform that helps deliver consumer engagements and business to its clients through relevant mobile advertising. Affle (India)’s promoter is a Singapore-based company called Affle Holdings. The investors of Affle Holdings include Bennett Coleman & Company (the publisher of leading publications like The Times of India, The Economic Times, etc.) and Microsoft. This company is backed by some of the biggest names in business and therefore it is one of the best AI stocks in India.  



Bosch is a reputed company and is a subsidiary of a German MNC called ‘Robert Bosch GmbH’. This company is a major player in fuel injection systems, industrial equipment, automotive aftermarket products, security systems, etc. It has adopted AI to provide better solutions for its clients. It is keen to use AI in mobility solutions in India. If you are keen on AI stocks, you should watch out for Bosch.

Additional ReadBOSCH LIMITED

Oracle Financial Services Software

Oracle Financial Services Software is a big name in segments such as cloud services, AI, and ML. Its clientele is spread across sectors like retail banking, corporate banking, core banking, health insurance, etc. The company’s main products include AI and ML, cloud regions, data lake, enterprise resource planning (ERP), compliance, big data, etc. Its other services include advanced state-of-the-art generative AI solutions and high-quality AI infrastructure. It is a worth-considering stock for investors willing to invest in AI stocks.



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