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An IPO launch can be of immense anticipation and excitement for an investor who eagerly awaits the opportunity to invest and be a part of some of the biggest companies. Amidst all such anticipation, excitement and fanfare, investors need to learn about the intricate process and the various participants who make a public issue possible. One of the indispensable market players necessary for launching an IPO is the registrar. They are responsible for the whole application and allocation process.
In this article, we will deep dive into one of the most preferred IPO registrars, Adroit Corporate Services Pvt Ltd, its service offerings, communication details and more.

About Adroit Corporate Services Pvt Ltd
Incorporated in 1994, Adroit Corporate Services Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai-based category 1 registry and transfer agent registered under the Securities and Exchange Board of India. It is also registered as a depository participant with depositories like NSDL and CDSL. It was established with a mission to provide high-quality critical business solutions at an affordable price.

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Adroit Corporate Services Communication Details
Moreover, the company is well known for its in-house IT infrastructure and its IT solutions for the financial service sector. It has a presence in some of the major cities of the country including Vadodara, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru with major expansion plans across the country. The client base of Aroid Corporate Services comprises prestigious corporates and many public, private and MNC banks.
Besides RTA services, the company provides banking solutions, digital marketing services, software development, graphic designing, data processing and back-end services. Adroit Corporate Services is also ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified

Address18-20, 1st Floor, Plot No. 639, Makhwana Road,
Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400 059
Phone+91-22-4227 0400
Fax91- 22- 2850 3748

IPOs by Adroit Corporate Services Pvt Ltd
Here are some of the IPOs serviced by Adroit Corporate Services as a registrar and transfer agent:

Issuer CompanyExchangeIssue Open
Sirohia & Sons Ltd IPOBSE SMESep 08, 2014
Birla Pacific Medspa Ltd IPOBSEJun 20, 2011
Birla Cotsyn (India) Limited IPOBSE, NSEJun 30, 2008
Usher Agro Ltd IPOBSESep 05, 2006

Services Offered by Adroit Corporate Services Pvt Ltd
Here are the services offered by Adroit Corporate Services:

Share Registry Services

  • Assisting in shareholder polls and scrutinising poll voting
  • Registration of share transfers in physical format
  • Establishing book closure dates and record dates
  • Recording and registering changes in investor addresses, ECS requests, and bank mandates received in physical form
  • Handling responsibilities like dividend calculations, printing, distribution, and reconciliation
  • Sending out all official communications to shareholders
  • Engaging and interacting with SEBI, stock exchanges and other regulatory authorities
  • Maintaining electronic records of investor movements, along with their basic information
  • Disbursement of both cash and non-cash corporate benefits, such as interest, redemption payments and dividends
  • Conversion of share certificates in dematerialised or rematerialised form
  • Providing advisory services and value-added support

IPO Related Registry Services

  • Providing instructions to banks for reporting collection figures, applications and collections
  • Collaborating with lead managers and bankers
  • Reconciling bid data with bank data
  • Addressing post-issuance investor queries
  • Submitting periodic reports to regulatory authorities
  • Facilitating the listing process
  • Reconciling refund payments
  • Dispatching refund orders and credit advice

Depository Connectivity Services

  • Handling relevant corporate actions
  • Engaging with CDSL or NSDL for the creation or activation of ISIN, dematerialisation, and rematerialisation processes
  • Collaborating with Depository Participants
  • Conducting reconciliation of electronic holdings

Adroit Corporate Services Pvt Ltd is amongst the most preferred registered and transfer agents in India. It offers various types of registry services such as share registry services, IPO-related registry services, depository connectivity services, fixed deposit registry services, etc. It has a well-experienced and technology-driven customer support team who are capable of resolving investor queries efficiently and effectively. If you face any difficulties regarding IPO application or allotment, feel free to contact the concerned registrar.

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