Adani Enterprises Q4 Result: 39% Drop in Profit After Tax!

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Adani Enterprises' Q4 results reflect a blend of highs and lows, aligning with operational circumstances. Despite fluctuations, the overall trajectory signals positivity entering FY25. Notable highlights include EBITDA at ₹3,646 Crore, PBT at ₹1,322 Crore, and PAT at ₹449 Crore for Q4 FY24. Key contributors include the ANIL Ecosystem segment with a 6.2x increase in EBITDA and Airports segment with a 130% YoY rise.


Amidst its dynamic fiscal year in FY24, Adani Enterprises' quarterly results stand as a pivotal milestone.Touted as one of the prime business incubators in India, the Company is also committed to infrastructure development. Notable in the Q4 findings is a resilient Total Income, exhibiting a modest 1% YoY growth, mainly due to the growth and operational excellence in both Airport and ANIL Ecosystem businesses. 45% of the Total EBITDA growth was generated by incubating businesses like those mentioned earlier, including the business segment of Roads. Additionally, the results revealed that Income from established businesses was on the low side due to inter-company elimination in Australian mining. At the end of Q4 FY 2023-24, Income was at ₹29,630 Crore. 

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5 Key Financial Highlights

Adani Enterprises Q4 results may seem like a mixed bag, with some highs and lows, but these are reasonable considering some operational circumstances of the Company. On the whole, the results are on the uptick, going into FY25. Here are the 5 main financial highlights of Q4:

  • In Q4, EBITDA stood at ₹3,646 Crore relative to ₹3,974 Crore in Q4 FY23 (Q4 FY23 included the cumulative EBIDTA of ₹1,038 Crore for 3 HAM Projects in the Company’s Road business)
  • Profit Before Tax for the quarter stood at ₹1,322 Crore compared to ₹1,554 Crore in Q4 FY23, and PAT for Q4 FY24 stood at ₹449 Crore
  • Within the Q4 financial results of Adani Enterprises, it is important to note that the ANIL Ecosystem segment EBITDA increased by 6.2x to ₹641 Crore
  • Continuing its run with growth in its business segments, the Airports EBITDA rose by 130% YoY to ₹662 Crore. 
  • Cash Accruals dropped by 26% YoY in Q4. 

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Updates on Business, Updates on Growth

In Adani Enterprises Q4 results, the overall contribution in Q4 financial metrics from emerging core infra businesses of ANIL Ecosystem, Airports, and Roads cannot be ignored. These business segments are making substantial strides in terms of their operational performance. The contribution of these business segments of Adani Enterprises to the overall FY24 EBIDTA has consistently risen, reaching 45% for FY24 compared to 40% in FY23. Here are some important aspects of the core businesses and new businesses to note in Q4 results: 

  • In Q4, the ANIL Ecosystem business clocked a Total Income (Consolidated) of ₹2,775 Crore, a rise of 2.1x YoY.
  • In Q4, the Airports business recorded a Total Income of ₹2,195 Crore, a rise of 32% YoY. 
  • In terms of the Solar manufacturing business of the Company (part of ANIL), India’s first large-sized monocrystalline ingot and wafer unit of 2 GW capacity became operational. Additionally, from March 2024, the TopCon Cell line of 2.0 GW became operational. 
  • The Wind Turbine manufacturing business (part of ANIL) witnessed leaps as the Order Book stood at 254 sets. 

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Key Financial Metrics - Consolidated Q4 (FY2023-24) Financial Results (Income Statement) of Adani Enterprises (in ₹ Crore)


Q4 FY23

Q4 FY24

Change % (+/-)

Total Income








Profit Before Tax




Profit After Tax




Cash Accruals




Adani Enterprises - Going Forwards with Pride

With significant leaps in the operational excellence of the Company and new strides in emerging businesses, Adani Enterprises’ Q4 results may be talked about in financial circles for days to come. The future for the Company appears bright, to say the least, with the establishment of its novel ACX Data Centre and the expansion of the Airport business (Lucknow Airport Phase 1 integrated Terminal 3 was inaugurated), the Company is set to fly high into FY25. 

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Over time, Adani Enterprises has concentrated on the establishment of emerging infrastructure-based businesses that largely boost nation-building. The Company is famous on the global industrial landscape as it is enhanced by high ratings and growth supported by robust capital. Relevantly, the Q4 results of Adani Enterprises, given the financial year 2024, are satisfactory, mainly due to the Company’s astute execution of project management and operations, efficient capital flow management, setting international-scale benchmarks, and ensuring value creation for concerned stakeholders.

Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year Ended March 31, 2024

Source: Adani Enterprises Press Release and Investor Presentation on BSE

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for some metrics being low in Adani Enterprises Q4 results?

Answer Field

In Q4, the Established Business Profit was recorded on the low side due to some commercial losses in the Company’s mining business in Australia.

What was the Consolidated Income for Q4?

Answer Field

The Consolidated Income for Q4 was at ₹29,630 Crore, up by 1% YoY.

Were the Q4 results of Adani Enterprises profitable?

Answer Field

The Adani Enterprises Q4 results were promising against the backdrop of FY24. The segments of Airports and ANIL are profitable for the Company and show positive prospects for the future.

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