ACC Q4 Results: PAT Jumps 3x YoY, Highest Ever

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Known as one of India’s most popular brands, ACC presented its Q4 financial report. A consolidated net profit soaring to ₹944.84 crore, marked a significant YoY increase. While the operating EBITDA surged by 79% to ₹837 crores, the consolidated sales volume saw a substantial rise to 10.4 million tonnes for Q4 and 36.9 million tonnes for FY 2024.  A consolidated net worth of ₹16,333 crore, which saw a raise of 2,191 crore from last financial year. These numbers signal robust growth and an optimistic outlook for the future.

DATA Points:

  1. Operating EBITDA: ₹837 crores; Up by 79%
  2. EBITDA: ₹802 PMT; Up 45% YoY
  3. PAT: ₹945 crores; 301% Increase YoY
  4. Dividend: ₹7.50/ Equity Share


Adani group-owned cement maker ACC announced its Q4 results on 25th April 2024, for the quarter and year that ended on March 31st, 2024. The latest ACC Q4 results show a substantial surge in its consolidated net profit, which reached ₹944.84 crore. The figure represents a remarkable fourfold increase in contrast to the ₹235.66 crore, which was reported in Q4 of the previous financial year. The company attributed this remarkable performance to its cost, volume and efficiency parameters.

ACC, the largest cement and building materials company in the country, announced ₹5,408.72 crore of consolidated revenue. This is almost 13% higher than last year’s Q4 of ₹4,790.91 crores.

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ACC Q4 Results: 5 Key Financial Highlights

  1. A total of ₹1,044 crore cash flows was generated from Q4 operations, while ₹2,995 crore in FY 2024
  2. In the fourth quarter, the company’s operating EBITDA surged by 79%, reaching ₹837 crores.
  3. Cash and cash equivalents stood at ₹4,667 crore, while the consolidated net worth reached ₹16,333 crore. This marked a surge of ₹2,191 crore in contrast to FY 2023.
  4. The sales volume (Clinker & Cement) showed a growth of 23.5% at 10.4 MioT in the 4th quarter, while 20.3% at 36.9 MioT for the financial year.
  5. In regards to the company’s continuing capex and growth plans, the Board recommended a dividend of ₹7.50/ Equity Share of the face value of ₹10 each fully paid up for the FY 2023-24. 14 June 2024 has been announced as the ‘Record Date" for dividend.

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ACC Q4 Result: Profitability Analysis

the cement manufacturer under the Adani Group, announced a standalone net profit of ₹748.54 crore for the fourth quarter of FY24, marking a significant surge of 216% from ₹236.57 crore reported in the corresponding period last year. A 79% surge in the EBITDA also provides a clearer picture of the company's profitability from its core operations. 

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ACC Q4 Results: Major Financial Metrics


Q4 2024

Q4 2023


Sales Volume (Cement & Clinker) in Million Tonnes 




Sales Volume Ready Mix Concrete in Million Cubic Meters  




Revenue from Operations in ₹

5,409 crores

4,791 crores

19,959 crores

Operating EBITDA & Margin in ₹

837 crores

469 crores

3,062 crores

Other Income in ₹

120 crores

119 crores

493 crores

EBIT in ₹

721 crores

411 crores

2,671 crores

EBIT Margin




Profit after Tax in ₹

945 crores

236 crores

2,337 crores

What the Future Holds for ACC?

Following the ACC Q4 results, the company reflects a well-positioned stance for future growth. The substantial increase in consolidated net profit, along with positive indicators in cash reserves, net worth, and operating EBITDA, underscores its robust performance. Additionally, the optimistic outlook for the cement industry, as highlighted by ACC, suggests a favourable operating environment. 

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As one of India’s most trusted brands, ACC is nothing less than a household name. As a frontrunner in the cement industry, the company has further strengthened its position. A 138% jump in EBITDA reflects its flexible approach and sturdy business model. With focus on a sustainability, green power, efficiency plans, and affordable housing ACC holds the capacity to perform and expand. All in all, ACC Q4 results indicate a promising trajectory for the company in the foreseeable future.

Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year Ended March 31, 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

What were ACC’s revenue figures as per the ACC Q4 results?

Answer Field

ACC Q4 results reflect a substantial surge in the consolidated net profit reaching ₹944.84 crore.

What initiatives has ACC undertaken towards sustainability?

Answer Field
  1. As one of the first companies in the country to have a holistic agenda on sustainability, ACC has achieved industry-leading standards for multiple initiatives such as:

    • Reduced CO2 emissions

    • Replaced natural resources with alternative waste materials and renewable energy

    • Played a pivotal role in developing ACC's SD 2030 Plan.

What was ACC’s income in Q1, FY 2023-2024?

Answer Field

ACC recorded a total revenue of ₹4,790.91 crores in Q1, FY 2024. The net income in the same quarter was ₹235.63 crores.

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