Indifra Ltd IPO allotment finalized: A Step-by-Step Guide to Checking Your Status in 6 Simple Steps

Indifra Ltd IPO allotment:

If you've applied for the Indifra Ltd IPO, you're likely eager to know the allocation status. Well, the wait is over! The allotment process has been completed, and now you can easily check how many shares you've been allotted. You can do this by visiting the KFin Techologies Ltd registrar website. Moreover, for those who didn't receive an allotment, rest assured, the refund process has also been finalized.

Indifra Ltd IPO allotment date:

The allotment date for the Indifra Ltd IPO has been confirmed, and allotments have been finalized. Investors who applied for the issue can now verify their allotment status on the registrar portal designated for Indifra Ltd IPO, managed by KFin Techologies Ltd. You can discover the number of shares allotted to you through the registrar's website. Additionally, the company has concluded the refund process for investors who were not allotted shares. The subscription period for Indifra Ltd IPO commenced on December 21, 2023, and concluded on December 26, 2023.

Indifra Ltd IPO subscription:

On the third day of subscription, the Indifra Ltd IPO witnessed [-] times subscription. The listing date is scheduled on December 29, 2023. Investors can ascertain their share allocation through the basis of allotment process and check their allotment status. For those who were not allocated shares, the refund process will commence on December 28, 2023. Those allotted shares will receive them in their demat accounts on [-]. The listing date for Indifra Ltd IPO is confirmed to be December 29, 2023.

Indifra Ltd IPO: How to check allotment status?

If you've applied for the Indifra Ltd IPO, you can easily check your allotment status on the KFin Techologies Ltd website. Here's a simple guide to check your allotment status:

  • Go to the KFin Techologies Ltd website.
  • Select the Indifra Ltd IPO from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose either your Application Number, Demat Account, or PAN to proceed.
  • Select your application type as ASBA or non-ASBA.
  • Provide the required details based on your selection in the previous step.
  • Complete the Captcha verification.
  • Click on the submit button to view your allotment status.

How to check Indifra Ltd IPO allotment status on BSE:

  • Navigate to the allotment page on the official BSE website via this link:
  • In the 'Issue Type' section, opt for 'Equity' and pick the Indifra Ltd IPO from the dropdown menu labeled 'Issue Name'.
  • Enter either your PAN or application number, then click the 'Submit' button.

How to check Indifra Ltd IPO allotment status on NSE:

  • to NSE's official website using this link:
  • Choose the 'Click here to sign up' option and complete the registration process using your PAN details.
  • Enter your username, password, and captcha code on the subsequent page.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the designated section to check the IPO allotment status.

Allocation quota for Indifra Ltd

The following table outlines the allocation quotas for different categories, detailing both the number of shares and the percentage of the total share capital raised. However, it's primarily the quotas for retail and HNI investors that are of significant interest.

Category of Investors Allocation of shares under IPO
Reservation for Employees 0 (0%)
Anchor Allocation 0 (0%)
QIB Shares Offered 0 (0%)
NII (HNI) Shares Offered 10,26,000 (47.5%)
Retail Shares Offered 10,26,000 (47.5%)
Total Shares Offered 21,60,000

Data Source: NSE-SME

Let's now examine how different categories of investors participated in placing their bids for the IPO of Indifra Ltd.

Subscription levels for Indifra Ltd

Next, let's delve into the level of subscription. The table below illustrates the degree of subscription for each category, along with the overall subscription for Indifra Ltd.

Category Subscription Status
Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) [-]
S (HNI) ₹2 lakhs to ₹10 lakhs [-]
B (HNI) Above ₹10 lakhs [-]
Non Institutional Investors (NII) [-]
Retail Individuals [-]
Employees [-]
Overall Subscription [-]

Data Source: NSE-SME

The QIB portion witnessed a subscription of [-] times, while the HNI/NII portion saw a subscription of [-] times. The Retail portion experienced a subscription of [-] times, culminating in an overall subscription of [-] times for the IPO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indifra Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

Indifra Ltd IPO is a SME IPO of 21,60,000 equity shares of a face value of ₹10 aggregating up to ₹14.04 Crores. The issue is priced at ₹65 to ₹65 per share. The minimum order quantity is 2000 Shares. The IPO opens on December 21, 2023, and closes on December 26, 2023. KFin Techologies Ltd is the registrar for the IPO. The shares are proposed to be listed on NSE-SME.

When Indifra Ltd IPO will open?

Answer Field

The Indifra Ltd IPO opens on December 21, 2023 and closes on December 26, 2023.

What is the lot size of Indifra Ltd?

Answer Field

Indifra Ltd lot size is 2000 shares, and the minimum amount required is ₹1,30,000.

How to apply for Indifra Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

You can apply in Indifra Ltd IPO online using either UPI or ASBA as payment method. ASBA IPO application is available in the net banking of your bank account. UPI IPO application is offered by brokers who don't offer banking services. To apply for an IPO:

• Login to Bajaj Broking account App/Website & click on IPO

• Enter the number of lots and price at which you wish to apply.

• Enter your UPI ID and click on submit. With this, your bid will be placed with the exchange.

• You will receive a mandate notification to block funds in your UPI app.

• Approve the mandate request on your UPI and funds will be blocked.

When is Indifra Ltd IPO allotment?

Answer Field

The finalization of Basis of Allotment for Indifra Ltd IPO will be done on December 27, 2023, and the allotted shares will be credited to your demat account by December 28, 2023.

When is Indifra Ltd IPO listing date?

Answer Field

The Indifra Ltd listing date is December 29, 2023.

Who is the registrar of Indifra Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

The registrar of Indifra Ltd IPO is KFin Techologies Ltd

Which company is the book-running lead manager of the IPO?

Answer Field

Beeline Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd will be the book-running lead manager of this IPO.

What is the fresh issue of Indifra Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

The fresh issue size is ₹14.04 Crores equity shares.

What minimum lot size can retail subscribers subscribe to Indifra Ltd?

Answer Field

Retail investors can subscribe to a minimum of one lot, 2000 shares and ₹1,30,000 amount.

How can I approve the UPI mandate request for Indifra Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

To apply for Indifra Ltd IPO, you need to log in to your demat account to complete the bidding process. Then, approve the payment mandate on your UPI app.

What is the price range of Indifra Ltd?

Answer Field

The price of each Indifra Ltd share will be ranging in between ₹65 to ₹65 per share.

What is the cut-off time for the UPI mandate for Indifra Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

The cut-off time for the UPI mandate confirmation is 5:00 PM, December 26, 2023.

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