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Everyone knows that shelter, clothing, and food are the basic necessities of human life. Nonetheless, while all three of these have importance, for a woman, shelter or a home holds special importance. This is because a home delivers a sense of security that stands out from the security you may get from any other asset. A property, be it a full-fledged house or a plot of land tends to give you emotional as well as financial security. Having said this, women typically do not dwell on investment in real estate. It is important to know the reasons for this and find out how women can get into real estate investing without any stigma attached. 

Why Invest in Real Estate?

There are three primary reasons to invest in real estate, gender aside. They are listed below: 

Wealth Creation

This is one of the main reasons to invest in real estate as wealth is created from the asset due to capital appreciation. As you may know by now, real estate, as an asset, tends to appreciate in value over time. When you have bought your property for a certain sum and its value goes up, say, to twice what you paid for it in a span of 3 years, then your property has appreciated in value. The difference between what you paid and what it is worth now is the capital that has been appreciated in terms of your investment. 

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Rental Income

If you have a property other than your place of residence, whether commercial or residential, you can rent or lease it so that you generate an additional income flow. You may also sell the additional property after it has risen in value and invest your profit in another asset. With such an asset you can achieve both capital appreciation and regular income flow. Now if you buy a property, you can do so by taking a home loan and paying up the loan with the money you earn from the rental income.

Challenges in Real Estate Investment

In India, a country that is steeped in patriarchal dominance, both traditionally and economically, women may see themselves faced with challenges when it comes to investing in real estate. Here are some of the challenges: 

  • Typically, women are not involved in real estate decision-making. Apart from real estate decision-making, Indian women tend not to be involved in several aspects of financial decisions. As a result, they are often discouraged from property investments. They may feel that this is incorrect, but they feel helpless too. 
  • Women lack the capital necessary to purchase property. In typical Indian families, most women do not have careers or enough capital to purchase real estate. 
  • A lack of understanding of legal formalities and documentation is a discouraging factor. In some cases, women find legal jargon and the documents necessary for property purchase quite confusing. This includes property verification and issues of compliance, as well as taxation related to real estate investment. 

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Real Estate Investment Strategies for Women

There are quite a few avenues open for women to invest in real estate. It is worth exploring these before you get discouraged, as some of them can be lucrative: 

Joint Ownership with a Partner or Family Member

You can buy real estate along with your partner or any family member. You get tax benefits with the person purchasing the property eligible for tax deductions. You are permitted to claim tax deductions up to Rs. 2 lac under Section 24 (B) of the Indian Income Tax Act. If you take a loan, on the principal repayment amount, you can claim deductions up to Rs. 1.5 lac under Section 80(C) of the Indian Income Tax Act. You also get to claim deductions for the Stamp Duty paid. 

Investing in REITs is a Good Option

REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts give you diversification in investment with minimal risk. With such an investment, people can invest any amount in a trust company of real estate through its shares. You get dividends if capital appreciation of the REIT takes place. 

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Via certain crowdfunding online platforms, it is possible to invest in real estate with a lesser amount of capital. Your money is invested in a range of properties and this reduces your risk and gives you diversification. This is a fund in which many investors allocate their money. The collected money is then invested in bar real estate projects. This is a lot like a mutual fund when it comes to pooling the capital of several investors. 

Pick Real Estate In Tourist Locales

In whatever way you plan to invest in real estate, to watch your asset grow, you can select properties in popular tourist locations. In such locations, the profitability factor is always high and properties appreciate more due to their in-demand locations. If you purchase a property in a tourist area, you can always have a regular income source through rent or converting it into a small hotel.

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The Advantages of Home Loans

Once you have identified the property you wish to invest in, you may choose to take a loan to pay for it. You get tax deductions under Sections 80(C) and 24(B) of the Income Tax Act, respectively, on the principal loan amount and the loan repayment interest amount, respectively. This is applicable if you are filing your returns under the old regime. If you are filing your income tax returns under the new regime, you are eligible for tax deductions only on interest payments. 

Final Lines on Real Estate Investment For Women

As you have seen, there are many avenues for women to invest in real estate. Taking loans may be quite easy and in some states, the stamp duty applicable is also lower than that applicable for men. Additionally, while choosing a property, it is important to consider its location as this can make your property profitable, whether you are looking to rent it out or desire capital appreciation.

Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risk, read all related documents carefully before investing.

This content is for educational purposes only.

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