Wipro Launches AI-Driven Cybersecurity Platform With Zscaler

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Wipro teams up with Zscaler to introduce Wipro Cyber X-Ray, an AI-powered platform that assists CXOs in making informed security investment decisions, with detailed insights and executive dashboards.

Wipro News Today

Wipro Limited has partnered with Zscaler to launch Wipro Cyber X-Ray, an AI-assisted decision support platform. This innovative solution is designed to empower enterprise CXOs by optimising security investment decisions and effectively communicating cyber values to senior leadership and the board.

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Addressing Security Investment Challenges

Security business leaders often lack comprehensive risk visibility across their cyber projects and struggle to justify cybersecurity spending. Wipro Cyber X-Ray addresses these issues with an executive dashboard that visualises cyber risk, activates initiatives, and clarifies security investments.

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Features of Wipro Cyber X-Ray

Powered by Zscaler, Wipro Cyber X-Ray delivers business intelligence that allows security leaders to confidently communicate the value of current cyber investments through a cost vs. impact analysis. Key features include:

  • Executive Dashboard: Visualizes cyber risk posture and activates cyber initiatives.
  • Cost vs. Impact Analysis: Assists in justifying security investments to the board.
  • Benchmarking: Provides security processes, strategy, and performance benchmarking to enhance cybersecurity posture.

Expert Insights

Tony Buffomante, Global Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Services at Wipro highlighted the platform's capability to help top management make more informed decisions. Buffomante emphasised the collaboration with Zscaler as a means to provide clients with a tool that ensures visibility and efficient allocation of cyber investments.

Karl Soderlund, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Partner and Alliances Sales at Zscaler, emphasised the platform's ability to give top management a comprehensive view of the enterprise’s cyber risks.

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