Wipro Collaborates with Desjardins to Revolutionise Credit Solutions

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In a significant development, Wipro Limited , a leading technology services and consulting company, has been chosen by Desjardins to spearhead the transformation of their credit solutions for members and clients. This strategic partnership aims to enhance Desjardins’ consumer lending and credit card business, delivering improved customer experiences, operational efficiency, and cost savings.

The Challenge

Desjardins, a prominent financial institution, recognized the need to modernise its credit offerings. The existing systems were fragmented, resulting in inefficiencies and suboptimal user experiences. The goal was clear: create a seamless, digital lending experience that caters to Desjardins’ diverse clientele.

The Solution

Wipro’s Gallagher Solutions (WGS), a subsidiary specialising in cloud-based Loan Origination Systems (LOS), stepped up to the challenge. Their flagship solution, NetOxygen, will play a pivotal role in this transformation. Here’s how:

  1. Integration and Streamlining: NetOxygen will integrate and manage Desjardins’ multiple in-house and legacy systems. By consolidating these disparate platforms into one cohesive unit, Desjardins can streamline processes and eliminate redundancy.
  2. Digital Accessibility: The revamped credit solutions will be accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Desjardins members and clients can apply for loans or credit cards seamlessly, whether they’re at home, on the go, or in the office.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Automation will take centre stage. Routine tasks will be automated, freeing up Desjardins employees to focus on personalised advisory services and complex transactions. This shift will enhance overall efficiency and reduce manual workload.

Stay tuned for more updates as Desjardins embraces the future of credit solutions, powered by Wipro’s expertise and NetOxygen’s innovation. Similarly, Bajaj Broking, with its keen focus on providing top-tier brokerage services, continually seeks to enhance its offerings by integrating cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships that align with the latest trends in the financial industry.


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