Tata Motors Q4 Results: PAT at ₹17,529 Cr Up 218.9%; Revenue up YoY

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Tata Motors Q4 FY2023-24 results came out on 10 May 2024 with the Company delivering stellar financial and performance figures over all its segments, not to mention Consolidated Revenue up YoY, EBITDA up YoY, and PAT up YoY.

5 Key Financial Highlights

Tata Motors’ Q4 results hit the ball right out of the park with the Company delivering one of its best quarterly results, the main financial highlights of which are shown below: 

  • Consolidated PAT for Q4 FY24 was at ₹17,529 Cr, a rise on a YoY basis relative to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year

  • Consolidated Revenue for Q4 FY24 stood at ₹119,986 Cr, up YoY over the same quarter of the previous fiscal year

  • For Q4 FY24, the Company recorded an EBITDA % of 14.9%, up by 160 bps YoY

  • EBIT % was up by 230 bps YoY in Q4 FY24

  • PBT (bei) for Q4 FY24 was at ₹9,457 Cr relative to ₹4,367 Cr in Q4 FY23, jumping YoY in Q4 FY24 relative to the same period of the last fiscal year

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Tata Motors Q4 - Leader in the Auto Race

One of the leading businesses under the erstwhile Tata Group, Tata Motors has many leadership marks in the Indian and International Automobile Sectors. Driving growth from its sound financial and operational fundamentals, the Company is scaling greater heights with every quarter, delivering strong segment business growth and robust cash flows. Here are some important aspects of Tata Motors’ Q4 Results, along with more financial metrics that make the top auto maker proud: 

  • The Board of Directors have recommended a final dividend of ₹3/- per Ordinary Share and ₹3.10 per A Ordinary Share; and a special dividend of ₹ 3/- per Ordinary Share and ₹3.10 per A Ordinary Share subject to approval by the shareholders

  • The Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle segment witnessed a YoY Revenue growth of 1.6% YoY

  • The Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle segment witnessed a YoY Revenue growth of 19.3%; In Q4, Passenger Vehicle volumes were at 155.6K units (+14.8% YoY) boosted by fresh SUV facelifts and multiple power trains

  • The Company has a strong market leadership in the EV segment, at 73.1%, despite increases in competition

  • The Tata Motors Jaguar-Land Rover Revenue rose by 10.7%YoY; Record Range Rover wholesale and retail sales for Q4 and FY24 was recorded

  • The Net Automative Debt was reduced

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Key Financial Metrics - Consolidated Q4 (FY 2023-24) Financial Results of Tata Motors (in ₹ Crore)


Q4 FY24

Vs. PY










PBT (bei)






Driving the Wheels of Change

In Tata Motors Q4 results, the Company has portrayed exemplary results and has brought its financial year FY24 to a successful close. Aligned with its promotion of the Jaguar-Land Rover segment, the Company has witnessed growth with record volume sales in units of vehicles. With leadership in market share in the EV segment, the Company plans to boost this further going into FY25. With a modest increase in investment for the Jaguar-Land Rover segment, and improvement goals in productivity areas and penetration into agricultural segments for its commercial vehicles, Tata Motors is set to lead the motor vehicle pack in FY25. 

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Tata Motors, a healthy business under the Tata Group, has excelled in its Q4 FY24 performance and standards of operation, maintaining robust order books across all its segments. With a majority market share in commercial vehicles and a leader in the EV segment, the Company is leveraging its healthy cash flows and going into the new fiscal year FY25 with all the energy that only a Tata Group company can offer. 

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About Tata Motors

At Tata Motors, people work on the maxim of exploring new possibilities and pushing boundaries. With a human-centric, yet hi-tech approach, the Company is constantly coming out with integrated and smart e-mobility solutions. With the aim of creating a legacy and a strong domestic footprint, the Company is always innovating and evolving with respect to its diverse segments in the EV business, the CV business, and the PV business, both domestically and globally. With a presence in more than 44 countries worldwide, the Company boasts 7 state-of-the-art facilities and plants that adopt technology to manufacture, maintain and innovate all its operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the PAT in Tata Motors Q4 results?

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The PAT or Profit After tax in Tata Power Q4 results was pegged at ₹17,529 Cr, a surge in YoY growth.

What is the Q4 result of Tata Motors?

Answer Field

In its Q4 results, Tata Motors has experienced a surge in growth metrics with Revenue, PAT, and EBITDA growing on a YoY basis.

What is the future of Tata Motors for FY25?

Answer Field

The Tata Motors Q4 results show that the Company is on the rise in global and domestic segments, recording strong order books in its JLR segment and EV segment in India. The future looks positive for the Company seeking to boost its brands and go ahead with itsb collaborations to expand its operations - for the year, Net Profit from joint ventures and associates was at ₹700 Cr compared with a Net Profit of ₹336 Cr in FY23.

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