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With a manufacturing capacity of 29.7 MTPA in India and the USA, JSW Steel Ltd is a force to reckon with. Its consistent commitment to quality and innovation is evident in its extensive list of achievements and collaborations, like the strategic tie-up with JFE Steel of Japan. This partnership allows JSW Steel Ltd to produce and offer high-value special steel products extensively used across myriad industries and applications. The company’s ambitious goals, aligned with India’s climate change commitments under the Paris Accord, reflect its focus not just on industry leadership, but also on sustainable and responsible growth. 

Welcome to the world of JSW Steel Ltd, where steel forms the foundation of a strong and prosperous future.

About JSW Steel Ltd.

FounderSajjan Jindal
Industry TypeSteel
Founded Year1994
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key PeopleSajjan Jindal (Chairman & Managing Director)
Parent CompanyJSW Group
Number of Countries Present InOver 100 countries
Market Cap₹1.90 trillion
Total Employees12,856
Manufacturing Facilities in India14

Overview of JSW Steel Ltd.

JSW Steel continuously innovates, aligning with the newest industry trends and technologies. This commitment is emphasised in its strategic partnership with JFE Steel of Japan, enabling access to advanced technologies for producing high-value special steel products. These are widely used in various sectors including construction, automobile, and electrical applications, showcasing the firm’s extensive expertise.

This dedication to excellence has earned JSW Steel numerous awards. It was named the Steel Sustainability Champion by the World Steel Association from 2019 to 2021 and achieved a Leadership Rating in CDP (2020). The recognitions emphasise its stand as a sustainable industry leader. Additionally, its consistent ranking among the top 15 global steel producers since 2008 highlights its global prominence.

Despite these accolades, JSW Steel continuously aims higher. It plans to expand its steel capacity to 38.5 MTPA by FY25, showing its unwavering commitment to growth. Operating 14 manufacturing facilities in India and owning 13 iron ore mines, the company’s extensive infrastructure substantiates its industry lead.

Furthermore, JSW Steel prioritises environmental sustainability, aligning its carbon reduction goals with India’s commitments under the Paris Accord. This emphasis on environmental responsibility underscores its role as a conscientious industry player, blending growth with planetary wellbeing.

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JSW Steel Ltd. History

1994: JSW Steel Ltd was established on 15th March. The company laid down plans to set up an integrated steel plant in a village in Karnataka, rich in iron ore reserves. This marked the beginning of its journey, planning a plant with a capacity of 1.25 million TPA of hot-rolled coils.

1995: JSW Steel entered a joint venture with Praxair to build the world’s largest cryogenic air separation plants in Bellary, Karnataka.

1996: The company prepared for the commissioning of its first Corex unit in October 1997, showcasing its commitment to advanced steel production.

1997: JSW planned to commission the BOF & CCP Units and entered a joint venture with M/s. Mysore Minerals Limited, ensuring a stable supply of essential raw materials.

1999: JSW Steel procured slabs from the Steel Authority of India and acquired a 60% stake in Chemicon, further diversifying its operations.

2005: The company approved the merger of several companies and changed its name from Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Ltd. to JSW Steel Ltd.

2006: JSW Steel was honoured with the CIO 100 – Giant 100 Honouree 2006 and the Gold Award in the Metal Sector by Greentech Foundation.

2008: The company launched Galvalume and acquired mining concessions in Chile.

2009: A collaboration with JFE Steel Corporation strengthened the company’s position, aiming to become India’s largest steelmaker.

2010-2012: JSW Steel explored expansion opportunities, including agreements with Marubeni-Itochu Steel and Japan’s JFE Steel.

2013-2014: The company acquired Heidelberg Cement India’s grinding facility.

2016-2018: JSW Steel acquired a 100% stake in JSW Praxair Oxygen Private Limited and launched JSW Everglow in Kerala in 2017.

2019-2022: Notable advancements include exceeding 16 million tonnes of crude steel production in 2019 and beginning hot-rolled plate production at the Dolvi Works plant in 2021. In 2022, JSW Steel signed a MoU with Smartex, emphasising its commitment to innovation.

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Major Subsidiaries of JSW Steel Ltd.

JSW Coated Steel 

JSW Coated Steel concentrates on creating coated steel products widely used in the construction and automotive industries. It employs advanced galvanising and colour coating lines for top-notch, standard-compliant outputs. Its innovations fuel the market demand for coated steel products.

JSW Severfield Structures Ltd 

This joint venture between JSW Steel Ltd. and Severfield plc, UK, emphasises steel fabrication. It has successfully undertaken numerous significant projects in India, reinforcing infrastructural development through its resilient and enduring steel structures.

JSW Steel Coated Products Ltd.

 This subsidiary stands out for its production of high-end steel products, including galvanised and pre-painted steel items for the automotive, construction, and home appliance sectors. Its persistent quality and innovative approach bolster its market reputation and demand.

JSW Steel (USA) Inc 

JSW Steel (USA) Inc., operating a plate and pipe mill in the USA, underscores JSW Steel’s global presence. Committed investments aim to boost technological capacity to meet diverse global needs with quality steel products.

Amba River Coke Limited 

This key subsidiary is engaged in producing coke, a vital material for steel manufacturing. It employs cutting-edge technology to ensure the production of top-quality coke, enhancing JSW Steel’s manufacturing efficiency.

JSW Steel Processing Centres Ltd 

JSW Steel Processing Centres Ltd focuses on steel service solutions, including cutting and slitting coils. This effort guarantees precise steel product dimensions, aligning with various industrial and application demands.

Major Acquisitions by JSW Steel Ltd.

1. Welspun Maxsteel Ltd

In 2014, JSW Steel acquired Welspun Maxsteel Ltd in a deal worth more than ₹1,000 crore. This acquisition assisted JSW in augmenting its overall production capacity and providing better service to its customer base in Northern and Western India. Welspun Maxsteel is renowned for its superior quality sponge iron, a crucial raw material for steelmaking.

2. JSW Praxaxir Oxygen Private Limited

JSW Steel acquired a 100% stake in JSW Praxair Oxygen Private Limited in 2016. This significant acquisition ensured a steady supply of industrial gases to JSW Steel’s manufacturing facilities, thereby helping the company in optimising its operations and ensuring an uninterrupted production process.

3. Heidelberg Cement India’s Grinding Facility

In 2013, JSW acquired Heidelberg Cement India’s grinding facility at Raigad, Maharashtra. This acquisition strengthened JSW Steel’s position in the Western India market, allowing it to deliver enhanced and efficient service to its clientele in the region. It bolstered JSW’s ability to produce high-quality cement, which is a key ingredient for the infrastructure sector.

4. Mining Concessions in Chile

In 2008, JSW Steel made a key global acquisition by obtaining mining concessions in Chile. This international move allowed JSW Steel to secure its raw material sources, ensuring that the company could maintain its production levels without being overly dependent on external suppliers for its iron ore needs. This move also displayed JSW Steel’s commitment to global expansion and building a robust supply chain that spans continents.

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Products/Brands under JSW Steel Ltd.


JSW Everglow is a brand synonymous with elegance and endurance. The product is known for its advanced super-durable paint system and anti-chalking properties, ensuring the sheets remain vibrant and lustrous for an extensive period. Its unique texture patterns add to the visual appeal, making it a popular choice for those looking to combine utility with aesthetics.


For individuals seeking high-performance and a variety of colour options for their roofing solutions, JSW Colouron+ stands as an epitome. The brand is noted for its thermal efficiency, ensuring energy conservation while providing a robust roofing solution. The variety of colours allows customers to choose according to their preferences, making each installation unique in its own right.


Affordability meets quality with JSW Pragati+. The brand is acknowledged for offering corrosion-resistant and high-strength sheets, ensuring longevity and robustness. Despite these premium features, JSW Pragati+ remains within the reach of a wide consumer base, reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering quality at affordable prices.


With JSW Galvos, customers are assured of superior quality galvanised steel that stands the test of time. The brand is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring that the products remain unaffected by adverse weather conditions, guaranteeing longevity and consistent quality.


JSW Platina holds a place for those who seek premium quality combined with aesthetic appeal. The brand offers lightweight sheets that do not compromise on strength, ensuring that the customers receive a product that is as robust as it is elegant.


JSW Steel Ltd has made a significant contribution to the steel industry and India as a nation. Its commitment to providing high-quality products and creating employment opportunities plays a vital role in the country’s economic development. The company’s focus on technological advancement ensures top-tier solutions for various industries. Moreover, JSW Steel Ltd is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, aligning with global and national environmental goals. This effort highlights their responsibility towards a sustainable future. As we move forward, the company’s consistent growth and commitment to betterment set a positive example, promising a prosperous future for all.

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