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People who say they do not invest in the stock market as it may prove to be an ‘expensive’ action may be incorrect. Today, there are several quality stocks, and you may call these value stocks, you can buy in the stock market for under ₹100.

You can find some of the best stocks to buy today under Rs. 100. Investors have a technique of stock investing when they buy low-value stocks. They invest in them on the assumption that the market may not realise their true value and at some point in the future, these may potentially yield fruitful returns. Before a list of some good value stocks to buy is created, you must consider some aspects of these low-value stocks.

  • What are low-value stocks?
  • Why should you invest in stocks under Rs. 100?
  • Best Stocks to buy today under Rs. 100

What are low-value stocks?

Low-value shares or stocks are those whose price is low compared to other stocks in the share market. These stocks are usually priced below Rs. 100. In the world of investment, there is a method of investing known as ‘value investing’. It is based on the premise that certain stocks that are currently priced low may see high values in the future. These stocks, although low in price in the present day, are called value stocks as their inherent value is yet to be realised in the market. The best stocks to buy today under Rs. 100 may potentially be the big players of tomorrow in the market.

Why should you invest in stocks under Rs. 100?

Today, everyone from college students to senior citizens in India is interested in stock market investment. Nonetheless, some people shy away from stock investing as they fear they will have to spend a great deal of money. Furthermore, the prospect of losing a lot of capital is another fear that people have when it comes to share market investing.

Nonetheless, the best stocks to buy today under Rs. 100 are available for you to invest in and you may be tempted as these are relatively affordable as an initial investment in the stock market. Here are some reasons to consider investing in stocks under Rs. 100:

  • Affordability

The stocks under Rs. 100 are affordable for your investment needs, and since you spend relatively small amounts to invest, you may not fear too much potential loss. For first-time investors in the stock market, investing in these stocks may be a way to begin the journey of stock investing.

  • Portfolio Diversification

The best stocks to buy today under Rs. 100 may be considered as additions to your investment portfolio for the purpose of diversification. You can buy stocks from a variety of sectors and industries under Rs. 100, and buying low-priced stocks mitigates and spreads your risk in a way that you get a balanced financial investment portfolio.

  • Value Investing

Stocks under Rs. 100 are appealing to value investors who believe that, if held for the long term, these stocks may rise in value and potentially yield lucrative returns. Investors believe that these may be stocks of companies that may see positive growth and turn valuable in the long run. If you are a long-term investor, these stocks may be considered.

The Best Stocks to Buy Today Under Rs. 100

In case you wish to venture into the stock market and invest in stocks under Rs. 100, you should consider that these may not qualify as value stocks just because their prices are currently low. With any stock investment, it is necessary that you do your research well and find out about the fundamentals of a company and its long-term growth prospects. Nonetheless, here are some stocks under Rs. 100 that you may think of investing in after you do some due diligent research into the companies, industries, and sectors they come from:

  • NHPC Ltd
  • Suzlon Energy Ltd
  • Motherson Sumi Wiring India Ltd

Final Lines

The best stocks to buy today under Rs. 100 may offer you a pathway into stock market investment at affordable rates and values. For investors who are young and not so familiar with the stock market, investing in stocks below Rs. 100 may be considered. Furthermore, in terms of portfolio diversification, stocks under Rs. 100 offer less of a risk to your portfolio (as you buy them at lower prices). What’s more, you can invest more of a quantity of these stocks as they are priced lower than other stocks, like say, large-cap stocks.

As with any other investment, whether you are investing in stocks under Rs. 100 or more highly-priced stocks, it is crucial to remember to do your research thoroughly and make decisions based on your individual financial needs and goals.


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