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A bank account is a crucial element of life in this digital era. Banks keep your money safe and provide various financial services such as loans, investments, bill payments and so on. The wide array of banks might make choosing one appear challenging initially; however, it need not be complex. This list, which provides information about leading banks from both public and private sectors, assists in simplifying your search by also giving you thoughts to consider when making a selection.


Top Public Sector Banks in India

Top Private Sector Banks in India

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bank

Top Banks in India (Public Sector):

1. State Bank of India (SBI): SBI, also called the State Bank of India, is the largest bank in this country and holds a significant past. They have numerous branches and ATMs spread throughout India. They offer an array of products and services for people as well as businesses which make them a one-stop solution for multiple financial needs.

2. Punjab National Bank (PNB): It began in 1894 and is the second-largest government bank in India. This bank has a focus on digitalisation and novelty, offering simple mobile as well as Internet banking services.

3. Bank of Baroda: Bank of Baroda, a premier public sector bank in India, boasts a robust domestic presence enhanced by self-service channels, with a distribution network of over 8,200 branches and 10,000 ATMs.

Top Banks in India (Private Sector):

1. HDFC Bank: This bank started in the year 1994 and it is one of the main private banks, famous for being customer-oriented and having creative products. They provide a wide range of banking services through their branches, ATMs as well as digital platforms.

2. ICICI Bank: This was started in 1955 and it offers diverse financial services. It is a big bank that provides many kinds of banking and monetary items, with customers from retail to corporate. The bank has branches all over the country as well as ATMs for easy access by people who need their services.

3. Kotak Mahindra Bank: This bank was created in 1985 and now it is a well-known name. They provide different kinds of banking and financial services; for example, they work in the investment banking field, manage wealth and offer insurance too.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bank:

In India, there are numerous banks to select from. Your choice of the best bank will rely on your particular requirements and priorities. The most well-known banks in India that provide a variety of services such as savings accounts, current accounts, loans and credit cards include State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and Punjab National Bank.

1. Size: SBI is the biggest bank in India by overall assets and branches.

2. Technology: HDFC Bank is famous for its advanced digital solutions.

3. Customer Service: ICICI Bank has many customer touchpoints including branches, ATMs and online support.

4. Interest Rates: For savings deposits up to Rs. 1 lakh, Kotak Mahindra offers the highest interest rate among private sector banks at 3.5%.

5. Foreign Currency: Axis Bank provides various products related to foreign currency like travel cards and outward remittance services.

6. Bad Loans Provisions: Recently IDFC First has seen high provisioning for bad loans compared to other private sector banks in India

Remember: The idea of a "best bank in India" may vary from person to person. Look at what you need and compare different banks using the factors mentioned above. In this way, you can decide on a bank that matches well with your financial journey.

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