Documents Required to Open Demat Account Online

pan-card pan-card

PAN Card

Mandatory requirement Amin

Identity-and-Address-Proof Identity-and-Address-Proof

Identity and Address Proof

Voter ID / Driving License / Aadhar Card / Passport

Bank-Proof Bank-Proof

Bank Proof

Cancelled cheque / Passbook / 6-month Bank statement

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What is a Demat Account?

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An Online Demat Account, short for "Dematerialized Account," is an electronic platform that holds and stores an investor's financial securities in digital format. It allows individuals to buy and hold various financial instruments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and government securities electronically, eliminating the need for physical share certificates.

Demat accounts transformed India's securities landscape, bringing faster, more secure transactions and reducing paperwork. You can now enjoy the ease of managing your investments conveniently and within the comfort of your own home. Online Demat Accounts have played a crucial role in attracting more retail investors to the Indian share market, thereby contributing to its growth and development over the years. Today, Demat accounts have become an essential part of the Indian financial eco-system, empowering millions of investors to participate in the capital market seamlessly. You can also open Demat account for free!

Advantages of Opening a Demat Account

  • 1

    Simplifies Access to the Share Market

    A Demat account simplifies entry into the stock market, allowing Indian investors to buy and sell shares electronically. It's essential for online trading on Indian stock exchanges.

  • 2

    Safe and Secure Holding

    It offers a secure and convenient way to hold securities, eliminating risks associated with physical certificates like loss, theft, or damage.

  • 3

    Reduced Transaction Costs

    A Demat account lowers transaction costs and paperwork, while modern brokers like Bajaj Broking offer low fees and enhanced trading experiences.

  • 4

    Simplified Tracking and Monitoring

    Investors can easily track and monitor their multiple types of investments online, helping them make informed decisions based on real-time market data.

  • 5

    Streamlined Operations

    Corporate actions like dividends, stock splits, and bonus issues are automatically updated, simplifying the process for investors.

  • 6

    Diversification of Investment Portfolio

    A Demat account enables investors to diversify their portfolio by providing access to a wide range of financial instruments like stocks, bonds, ETFs, and more, thus offering broader investment opportunities and better risk management.

Charges to Open Demat Account Online

When planning to open demat account online, it's essential to understand the associated fees. Bajaj Broking offers free demat account opening with its freedom pack, the annual maintenance charges (AMC) are also free for the first year. We also offer various subscription packs customized to your needs. 

Type of Charge


Demat Account Opening Charges


Demat Annual Maintenance Charges

NIL for 1st Year

Applying for IPO

NIL (Brokerage will be charged when customer sells the allotted units)

Brokerage Charges (Delivery)


Brokerage Charges
(Intraday, Futures and Options)

Freedom Pack: ₹20/order
Professional Pack: ₹10/order

Types of Demat Account


Regular Demat Account: Suitable for Indian residents, this account facilitates the demat account opening online process for holding and trading equities in a dematerialized format. It usually involves annual maintenance charges; however, the introduction of the Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA) allows for a free demat account opening with reduced or no fees, making it more accessible for new investors.

Repatriable Demat Account: Designed for Non-resident Indians (NRIs), this account, linked to an NRE (Non-resident External) account, allows for investment in Indian stock markets along with the possibility of transferring funds back to their resident country. This feature makes it convenient for NRIs to open demat account online while facilitating easy repatriation of up to one million USD annually. Ideal for those who need a flexible demat trading account that supports both local and international transactions.

Non-repatriable Demat Account: Also tailored for NRIs, this type of account is linked to an NRO (Non-resident Ordinary) account and restricts the transfer of funds outside India. It is ideal for NRIs who want to invest in the Indian markets without the need for fund repatriation, simplifying the demat account opening online process for investments confined within India.

Things to Know Before You Open Demat Account Online

  • Credibility of the Provider: Ensure the provider is reputable and reliable by checking reviews and ratings.
  • Security of the Platform: Verify the platform's security measures to protect your investments.
  • Customer Service Quality: Assess the quality and responsiveness of customer service through available support channels and response times.
  • Terms for Free Demat Account Opening: Review terms and conditions for free account openings, noting any future fees or charges that might apply.
  • Brokerage Fees: Select a broker with low brokerage fees to minimize trading costs, ensuring better returns on your investments.
  • Investment Goals Alignment: Ensure the demat account aligns with your investment objectives and long-term goals.
  • Effective Management: Understanding these factors aids in better management of your demat trading account, helping you stay informed and make smarter investment decisions.

Common Terms of a Demat Account

  1. ISIN (International Securities Identification Number): A unique 12-character code assigned to each security, aiding in its identification for trading and settlement.
  2. DP (Depository Participant): An intermediary between the investor and the depository, facilitating services such as account opening, dematerialization, and rematerialization of securities.
  3. Dematerialization: Converts physical share certificates into electronic form, making them easier to trade and manage.
  4. Rematerialization: The reverse process of dematerialization, converting electronic securities back into physical certificates.
  5. BOID (Beneficial Owner Identification Number): A unique 16-digit number assigned to each demat account holder, used for all transactions within the depository system.
  6. Corporate Actions: Events initiated by a company that affect its securities, such as dividends, stock splits, mergers, and rights issues, with benefits directly credited to the demat account.
  7. DP Charges: Fees levied by the Depository Participant for various services, such as holding and transferring securities.
  8. Pledge: Securities in a demat account can be pledged as collateral for loans, offering flexibility in securing funds without selling investments.
  9. Account Nomination: The process of appointing a nominee for the demat account to ensure smooth transfer of holdings in case of the account holder's demise.
  10. Transaction Statement: A periodic statement provided by the DP detailing all transactions in the demat account, helping investors keep track of their holdings and activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I open multiple demat accounts?

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Yes, you can open multiple demat accounts but only under the below conditions:

  • You can open only one demat account per DP using the same PAN card.
  • You can open multiple demat accounts with different DPs using the same PAN card.

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