Best Investment Options with High Returns in India

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Investing is not challenging, but some people find it so. Most investors seek reliable and safe investments, though it's important to understand that all investments come with some level of risk. Several people stay away from it because of the word “risk.” This is quite a common and natural feeling as you do not want your hard-earned to go down the drain. Instead, you want it to grow. At the same time, you do not want it to sit idle. Making money on money is an investment and it need not be something to fear. Among some of the best investment options in India, some give you minimal risk while assuring you potential returns.

Best Investment Options in India - Safe from Risk?

What you may consider the best investment is a safe investment that offers minimal to no risk. Does such an investment exist? To be sure, some investments have a high degree of risk. However, some offer moderate risks, and the safest ones offer little to no risk.

While discussing investments and what is best for any investor, it is crucial to note that investing is undertaken with the unique goals of the investor in mind. While one investor may want the best returns with high-risk instruments like stocks, another may want high returns but want to take lesser risks. The reality of the situation is that the investments that offer potentially high returns come with inherent risks as well. In contrast, investments with a lower degree of risk may not offer you high returns. Several investors find that striking a balance between risk and returns results in engaging in safe investment options in India.

Key Investment Options in India

Here are some of the investment options to consider in the Indian scenario, and the risk factor for each:

  • Savings Accounts – Very Low Risk
  • Post Office Schemes – Very Low Risk
  • Fixed Deposits – Low Risk
  • Recurring Deposits – Low Risks
  • PPF (Public Provident Funds) – Low Risk
  • Non-Equity Mutual Funds – Low to Moderate Risks
  • Government Bonds - Low Risk
  • Equity Mutual Funds - Moderate to High Risk
  • Stocks - High Risk

The above list gives you an idea about safe investments that may assure you returns of a low to moderate nature, keeping your principal investment secure. In terms of equity and the stock market, returns may be high over extended periods, but the inherent risks are high too, and your principal investment may not be potentially secure. It is a clever idea to delve deeper into low-risk investment options in India with safe returns.

Investments in India - Returns with Low Risk

The best investment options in India, as mentioned earlier, are the ones that give you returns and are free from risk. You may want high returns, but investments that offer these are tied to elevated risk as well. Nonetheless, there are some investments you can consider, with assured returns and comparatively little or no risk involved:

  • Fixed Deposits: Fixed deposits have been a popular choice for decades, offering relatively stable returns and these are popular as they are considered safe options to invest. Fixed deposits are offered by several banks and some non-banking accredited financial institutions. Fixed deposits give you a fixed amount of interest regularly.
  • Post Office Schemes: The Indian Department of Posts offers you certain schemes of investment for growing your wealth. These schemes may give you higher returns relative to those of certain fixed deposits and savings bank account interest.
  • Recurring Deposits: In recurring deposits, investment is made at regular intervals in contrast to fixed deposits when the principal deposit is made once. Regular deposits accumulate and earn interest too and this grows your wealth over time.
  • Public Provident Fund (PPF): Among safe investment options in India, and those offering you high returns compared to bank fixed deposits, PPF gives you compound interest as well as certain appealing tax benefits. You can open a PPF account at your bank or a post office. The account is initially opened for 15 years, and withdrawals may be made depending on certain conditions.
  • Non-Equity Mutual Funds: Although you often hear that mutual funds are “subject to market risks,” mutual funds of a non-equity nature can be low-risk instruments to invest in. These are like debt or gilt funds that provide capital security.


There are some safe investment options in India. If you invest in a few of these instruments, you can spread your capital and diversify the nature of your investment, so you get assured returns and safety as well. Besides non-equity mutual funds, there are certain debt instruments like government bonds that yield optimal returns and are considered secure investment options as they are backed by the government. You can also consider government debentures and gold bond schemes.

Given the investments mentioned, you should consider your risk profile, financial goals, and requirements before you select any investment. It is important to note that all investors (and investments) are not alike, and each is unique offering its individual advantages. 

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