The Benefits of Zero Brokerage Trading with Bajaj Broking

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As a digital native, you’re definitely no stranger to technology and mobile applications. In fact, they may be your new best friends, because you can get practically anything done with the right mobile app — including investing in your future. With the rise of technology-based stock market trading, the markets have now become accessible to traders across the country. And even if you live an idyllic life in a Tier 2 or a Tier 3 city in India, all you need to do is log into your account to access the markets.

Despite these advancements, however, there’s one pain point that many traders experience. And that is the burden of brokerage. But we at Bajaj Broking have some great news for you. The one thing that traders like you all over the country want is finally here — say hello to freedom from brokerage charges with Bajaj Broking!

Brokerage se Azadi: True Financial Freedom This Independence Day 

Whether you’ve been trading only for a few weeks or months now, or you’re a seasoned trader with years of experience, brokerage charges may have been the one constant in your journey so far. 

As we gear up to commemorate India’s 77th Independence Day, it’s also time to experience a different kind of freedom through the benefits of zero brokerage trading with Bajaj Broking. 

In keeping with the spirit of freedom and prosperity as India celebrates another landmark in its journey of freedom from colonial rule, we at Bajaj Broking have launched a campaign for traders and investors from all walks of life. 

How Does Zero Brokerage Trading with Bajaj Financial Services Work?

Aptly christened as ‘Brokerage se Azadi,’ this campaign gives you one crucial benefit that elevates your trading experience entirely. It removes the brokerage charges for your trades. This means you can execute any number of buy and sell orders during the period of the campaign — and not pay any brokerage for the trades. 

Whether you’re a student looking to make some income as you complete your education, or a salaried or self-employed individual keen on earning some supplementary income, our Brokerage se Azadi campaign can be just what you’re looking for. 

Check out the details of the campaign here:

  • Eligibility Criteria:

Any new customer who opens an account with Bajaj Broking between August 1, 2023 and August 31, 2023 is eligible. 

  • Primary Benefit:

You get the benefit of zero fees on all eligible orders for a specified duration. 

  • Market Segments Covered:

Trades in the delivery, intraday and F&O segments all come with the zero brokerage advantage. 

  • Duration of Free Trades:

You can enjoy the zero brokerage experience with us for a period of 30 days from the date of account opening. So, for example, if you open your Bajaj Broking account on August 6, 2023, you get to trade without paying any fees for 30 days, i.e. till September 5, 2023.

The Benefits of Zero Brokerage Trading with Bajaj Broking 

The benefit of zero fees is not the only advantage we offer traders on our platform. This Independence Day, get one step closer to financial freedom and make your dream of financial independence come true with a Bajaj Broking account, which gives you the following benefits: 

  • Instant Demat Account Opening: 

Say goodbye to long waits. Open your Demat account instantly and start investing without delays.

  • Simplified Stock Charts and Analysis: 

Unravel the complexities of stock charts and analysis with our user-friendly interface that makes investing a breeze.

  • Margin Trading Facility: 

Unlock more buying power with margin trading and get more value with every investment.

  • Lightning-Fast Applications for IPOs, NCDs and Bonds: 

Apply for IPOs, NCDs, and bonds in seconds, so you don’t miss out on lucrative opportunities.

  • One-Click Stock Baskets: 

Invest in your favourite stocks effortlessly with pre-curated stock baskets.

  • Unlock Insights with Free Research: 

Make informed decisions with our complimentary research tools and stay ahead of the market.

  • TradingView and IQ Integration: 

All your charting needs are met with TradingView and IQ, so you can analyse like a pro and create near-foolproof investment plans.

  • Real-Time Market Updates to Help You Stay Ahead: 

Receive instant market news and updates to make timely moves.

  • Smart Screeners and Stock Results: 

Discover hidden gems with our ready-made screeners and stock results.

  • Multilingual Trading Support: 

Choose from English, Hindi, Gujarati or Marathi and comfortably in your preferred language.

  • Trust of a Century: 

You know you can invest with confidence in a brand that is backed by Bajaj’s legacy, with nearly 100 years of trustworthiness.

This Independence Day, Experience Freedom from Brokerage!

Join us in celebrating freedom from brokerage this Independence Day. Open your Bajaj Broking account between August 1 and August 31 this year, and embark on a journey towards prosperity and financial freedom. Take charge of your financial future and trade with confidence, backed by the legacy of Bajaj’s trustworthiness.

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