Heard of inflation? Okay.

Buy hey, what is this new "SHRINKFLATION Jazz"? Read more to know>>> #WeekendRead


The phenomenon of reducing the size of products while keeping the price unchanged

Parle's Magic Trick

Parle reduced Parle G's quantity from 100gms to 55gms while keeping the price constant at ₹5. A classic case of #Shrinkflation

Cadbury's Golden Wrapper Mystery

Cadbury's Dairy Milk once wrapped in gold now lost its shimmer. It's a smaller pack but at the same price. That's #Shrinkflation

LAYS Chips in Stealth Mode

PepsiCo reduced a ₹10 pack of LAYS from 35gms to 26gms. The crunch is smaller, but price stays the same. Sneaky, right? #Shrinkflation

Decoding the Strategy

Companies use #Shrinkflation to keep prices constant. Keeping prices constant influence buyers psychologically, maintaining demand


The art of #Shrinkflation. Stay sharp, savvy shoppers! Keep an eye on sizes and prices, and make every purchase count. Happy shopping!