Want To Master Options Trading?

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Bull Call Spread

Buy an ATM call, sell an OTM call for a bullish play. Limited risk, potential gain when stock price rises

Bull Put Spread

Buy an OTM put, sell an ITM put for a mildly bullish outlook. Limited risk, gain from stock price rise

Call Ratio Back Spread

Highly bullish? Buy 2 OTM calls, sell 1 ITM call. Benefits from a strongly rising market

Bear Call Spread

Bearish? Buy an OTM call, sell an ITM call. Limited profit, protected in a declining market

Bear Put Spread

Moderately bearish? Buy an ITM put, sell an OTM put. Limited risk, profit if stock price drops

Straddle (Long & Short)

Neutral market? Long straddle buys ATM call & put. Short straddle sells them, aiming for no market movement

Butterfly Spread (Long)

Neutral strategy. Combines bull and bear spreads. Limited risk, limited reward, profits at a middle strike

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