Shop Now, Pay Later: UPI's New Twist!

HDFC & ICICI Banks Launch UPI Credit.  Read More>>

UPI Payments Beyond Limits

RBI enables UPI payments from pre-sanctioned credit lines, revolutionizing digital transactions

Expanding Payment Options

Previously, UPI could be linked to savings, overdrafts, wallets, and credit cards—now, it can be added to pre-approved credit lines

RBI's Notification

RBI's September 4, 2023, notification empowers banks to offer credit line facilities for seamless UPI transactions

The Rise of UPI Now, Pay Later

Leading banks like HDFC and ICICI introduce "UPI Now, Pay Later" offering overdraft facilities for UPI transactions

How HDFC's Pay Later Works?

HDFC's PayLater offers interest only on the utilized credit limit, making it accessible for digital payments

ICICI's PayLater provides up to 45 days of interest-free digital credit for various payments, with specific charges

ICICI's PayLater Facility