Upcoming IPOs in Jan 2024

Indian primary market raises Rs. 49,500 crore from 58 IPOs. Despite global challenges, 2024 promises a positive outlook.

Highly Anticipated IPOs in 2024

Anticipated IPOs worth Rs. 28,440 Cr poised for 2024. Investor excitement builds for the upcoming market entries.

Ola Electric's EV Revolution

Ola Electric is set to launch an IPO in 2024. Transforming from a cab aggregator to a major EV player.

PhonePe's Digital Ascent

Digital payment leader PhonePe plans IPO in 2024-2025. Recent valuation at Rs. 12 billion fuels investor expectations.

Aakash's Academic Ascent

Byju's subsidiary Aakash to launch IPO in mid-2024. Tripling earnings, significant player in the test-prep market.

PharmEasy's Prescription for IPO

Strong financials position PharmEasy for an upcoming IPO. Tata-owned, revenue surpassing Rs. 3,950 crore.

Swiggy's Gastronomic IPO

Food delivery giant Swiggy eyes IPO in 2024. Set to rival Zomato in the public market.