What is the hype about UDGAM portal?

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Portal for Unclaimed Deposits

RBI introduces UDGAM (Unclaimed Deposits Gateway to Access Information) a portal for tracking unclaimed bank deposits

Unclaimed Deposit Criteria

Inactive savings or current accounts for a decade, along with unclaimed term deposits after ten years, are classified as unclaimed deposits by RBI

Claim or Activate Deposits

UDGAM helps users identify unclaimed deposits. ReBIT, IFTAS, and banks collaborated on the portal. Users register to access the platform and check for unclaimed deposits

Simple Registration Process

UDGAM's registration needs basic details. Seven banks, including SBI, Central Bank of India, Citi Bank, and more are accessible. Users must visit UDGAM, enter their name and contact info

  Future       Expansion

UDGAM's reach will grow, adding more banks gradually. By October 15, 2023, the phased expansion aims to cover remaining banks. Locate unclaimed deposits across institutions easily