Trending Stock Market News Today

Reliance Industries acquires solar SPVs under Maharashtra's Saur Krushi Vahini Yojana 2.0, signalling a strong move towards renewable energy.

Mankind Pharma Shift

Investor Beige prepares to sell a 2.90% stake in Mankind Pharma, reflecting strategic financial manoeuvres within the pharmaceutical sector.

Maruti's Safety Recall

Maruti Suzuki recalls over 16,000 vehicles, prioritizing consumer safety amid concerns about fuel pump motor faults.

HAL's Defense Deal

Hindustan Aeronautics secures a deal with Guyana Defence Force, strengthening India's aerospace ties and global presence.

Rail Vikas Nigam MOU

RVNL collaborates with AAI for a tunnel project in Kolkata, focusing on enhancing connectivity and infrastructure efficiency.

UltraTech's Expansion

UltraTech Cement launches a new 1 MTPA capacity in Uttarakhand, showcasing significant growth in the cement industry.


SEBI issues a warning to ICICI Securities, highlighting the importance of compliance in financial institutions.