The Great Pharma Rivalry

Torrent Pharma is raising           Rs. 60,000 crores to acquire its rival Cipla.                                   Read More>>

Torrent-CVC Consortium

Torrent Pharmaceuticals is in advanced talks with CVC Capital Partners to raise $1.2-1.5 billion for Cipla acquisition.

Mega Acquisition Financing

Torrent aims for a $7 billion acquisition, one of the largest in recent times, seeking participation from private equity funds.

Lead Partner Emerges

CVC Capital Partners is likely to lead the consortium, as discussions with Bain Capital continue.

Equity Fundraising

Torrent targets $750 million to $2.25 billion through equity for the acquisition, with committed financing required.

Financial Structure

Debt and equity dilution planned with strong cash flows, enabling Torrent to retain 48-63% in Torrent Pharma post-acquisition.

Investment Requirements

Torrent may raise Rs 10,000-20,000 crore in debt and seeks Rs 20,000-40,000 crore equity infusion from PE investors and others.

Source: Moneycontrol