Tata Steel Hits 52-Week High

A joint venture with UK Govt. propels Tata Steel's stock to new heights, reaching ₹134.85.  Read More>>

Investment Proposal Details

Tata Steel and UK Govt. plan to invest £1.25 billion in cutting-edge steelmaking at Port Talbot, with a £500 million grant.

Decarbonization & Emission Reduction

The project aims for a 50M tonne emission cut over a decade, advancing the UK's steel industry sustainability.

Ensuring Steel Continuity

The Port Talbot project secures the steelmaking future, paving the way for a thriving, eco-friendly Tata Steel UK.

CEO's Vision

Tata Steel CEO, TV Narendran, emphasizes the project's pivotal role in transforming Tata Steel UK into a sustainable, modern business.