Tata Power Hits 52-Week High

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Tata Power Witnesses a Large Trade

Tata Power stock reaches a peak at Rs 276.50; witnesses a large trade worth Rs 155 crore on Sept 8.

Block Deal: 52.5 Lakh Shares Sold

A block deal sees 52.5 lakh Tata Power shares change hands at Rs 270 per share on NSE.

Stock Surge: 4.08% Increase

Tata Power Company stock prices rose by 4.08%, quoting at Rs 274.45 on NSE, as of 11:30 AM.

Q1 FY24 Report: Strong Performance

Tata Power: 4.95% YoY revenue rise, net profit up by 29.07% to Rs 1,141 cr. Operating margin expands to 18% in Q1FY24.

Powering India's Energy Landscape

Tata Power operates diverse energy plants, serving industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, driving electricity generation.

Empowering India's Energy Needs

Tata Power plays a pivotal role in meeting the diverse energy requirements of the nation across sectors.