SpiceJet Ordered to Pay Rs. 100 Cr to Maran

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Arbitration Loss

SpiceJet lost the 2018 case to former owner Kalanithi Maran, owing Rs. 579 Crores million plus interest, later Maran sued them claiming dues of Rs. 397 Crores.

Financial Distress

In Delhi High Court, SpiceJet claimed financial struggle and offered to pay Rs. 75 Crores, however, the court ordered them to pay Rs. 100 Crores by Sept. 10.

Asset Seizure Warning

High Court warns of asset seizure if dues are not paid. SpiceJet vows to comply and make specified payments.

Supreme Court Involvement

A separate case by Credit Suisse alleges unpaid dues, and SpiceJet's MD was summoned to defend the allegations.

Upcoming Court Hearings

Delhi High Court and Supreme Court cases to be heard on Sept. 11, continued legal battles ahead of SpiceJet.

Profit Amid Challenges

SpiceJet reports Q4 profit amid expense drop but faces challenges like grounded fleet and fierce sector competition.

Profit Amid Challenges

SpiceJet's financial strain amid competition. IndiGo and Air India expand, while Go First faces bankruptcy.