Trade Settlements in One Hour?

SEBI is planning a dynamic change with trade settlements. Read More >>

SEBI's Ambitious Plan

SEBI plans one-hour trade settlements followed by instant settlement, embarking on fintech transformation.

Accelerated Timeline

No specific date is mentioned, but sources suggest one-hour settlements may be rolled out by March 2024, followed by instant trade settlement.

From T+2 to T+1

In January 2023, Indian stock exchanges shifted from T+2 to the faster T+1 settlement cycle.

T+1 Explained

T+1 means all trade settlements must be completed within 24 hours. So, if an investor buys shares on Monday the shares should be reflected in the demat account by Tuesday.

India Leads the        Way

India is only the second country, after China, to implement the T+1 trade settlement, with the US and Canada to follow in May 2024.