Is Rupee ka Raj Back?

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The Indian rupee continues its upward trajectory, opened higher for 3rd consecutive day on August 24, reaching a three-week peak against the USD at 82.47 per dollar


On August 24, the rupee hits a notable high of 82.46 against the dollar, a level not seen since August 2, underlining its growing strength


Market experts project a positive outlook for the rupee. With the US Dollar Index (DXY) facing resistance around 103.50 levels, the rupee is anticipated to gradually settle around 82.20-82 levels in the short term

What Brought About The Change?

The recent surge in the Indian rupee's value against the US dollar is attributed to a series of factors, including RBI's strategic interventions and market dynamics. Investors are eagerly awaiting the release of the RBI's minutes on August 24