RR Kabel Rockets to the Top

RR Kabel completes its IPO listing on September 20, setting a milestone under SEBI's T+2 timeline.                                                  Read for more >>

T+2 Timeline Norm

SEBI's T+2 timeline requires IPO firms to list shares within three working days from the IPO closure.

Issue Price

RR Kabel's public issue had a share price of Rs. 1035, with a Face Value of Rs. 5 and a premium of Rs. 1030.

BSE Listing Announcement

BSE announces RR Kabel Limited's equity shares will be listed in 'B' Group of Securities from September 20, 2023.

SEBI's T+3 Norm

SEBI introduces the T+3 norm, reducing IPO listing time from 6 to 3 working days, set to be mandatory from December 1, 2023.

Phased Implementation

SEBI's T+3 timeline will be phased in, with a choice for firms until November 30, 2023, but mandatory compliance from December 1, 2023.