RIL AGM Unveils Big Future Plans

From going carbon neutral to focusing on wind, hydrogen, and bioenergy, RIL has planned clean initiatives.                                                 Swipe for more >>

Jio Smart Home

Jio introduces Smart Home services. This includes a set-top box and app that will offer TV channels, OTT content, games, and apps etc., This will be supported by the Jio Smart Home App and e-remote.

Global Top 100 Retailer

Reliance Retail is the only Indian retailer in the global top 100. QIA recently valued them at $100 billion and invested $1 billion. Revenue has surged 30% from last year.

Net Carbon Zero 2035

RIL is focused on achieving net zero by 2035. Transitioning oil-to-chemicals business into sustainable, green business. They are focusing on renewables.

Wind Power & Battery Gigafactory

RIL is emphasizing wind power and battery gigafactory by 2026. They are collaborating with global wind manufacturers for cost-efficient solutions.

New Energy Ecosystem

RIL is building solar, wind, battery, hydrogen, and bio-energy platforms. Aiming for 100 GW renewable energy generation by 2030.