Reliance’s Big Plan for EV Two-Wheelers

A revolutionary concept, offering electric two-wheelers a range of 70-75 km, set to debut next year.

Solar Charging for Swappable Batteries

Reliance unveiled swappable batteries that can be charged using solar energy, creating a sustainable and efficient power solution.

Seamless Battery Swap in Just Six Seconds

An easy-to-use dock and charger setup allows swift battery swapping, enhancing user convenience.

Versatile Home and Office Setup

Users can establish a dock at their residence or workplace for seamless battery interchange.

Public Swapping Stations for EV Infrastructure

Public locations will feature battery-swapping stations, ensuring uninterrupted electric mobility.

Complete Ecosystem for Energy Solutions

Reliance's offering encompasses solar panels, inverters, meters, and cloud-based monitoring systems.

Collaborating with Two-Wheeler Manufacturers

Reliance partners with OE makers to develop compatible e-bike models for these innovative batteries.