Polycab's Stellar Q3 Results

Explore Polycab India Limited's stellar Q3 2023-24 results, witnessing the highest-ever quarterly revenue, PAT, and EBITDA. A true powerhouse in the cables and wires sector. Read More>>

Q3 Financial Highlights

Delve into Q3 FY24 financial milestones: ₹43,405 Mn revenue, 17% YoY growth. Wires & Cables segment up 18%. PAT hits ₹4,165 Mn, marking 15% YoY growth.

Global Business Growth

Polycab's international business contributes 6.2% to consolidated revenue in Q3 FY24. Expectations soar for robust global expansion.

FMEG Segment Insights

In Q3 FY24, Polycab's FMEG segment experiences a 15% YoY de-growth. Fans show sequential growth, Lights decline, while Switches and Switchgear segments thrive.

Management Insights

Chairman and MD share success secrets. Resilient business model, diverse product portfolio, and efficient distribution network drive Q3 FY24 success.

Polycab's Market Dominance

India's cable and wire giant, Polycab, marks Q3 FY24 with the highest-ever quarterly revenue, PAT, and EBITDA. A leader in innovation and market share.