Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd. Q1 Results 2023

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Highlights of the Result

· Revenue from Operations was at ₹ 1,138.35 Cr · Net profit for Q1 FY’24 stood at ₹ 210.69 Cr · Company’s net sales stood at ₹ 1,135.06 Cr, up 9.04% YoY

Performance Highlights

· Revenue from Operations grew 8.94% YoY · Profit after tax (PAT) saw an increment of 36.44% YoY · The total income of the company jumped by 9.74% to ₹1,154.12 Cr

Innovative Product Portfolio

The company's growth is driven by its strong product line-up, such as Whisper Hygiene Comfort, Vicks ZzzQuil, and menstrual hygiene awareness initiatives.

Company’s Expenses

P&G Hygiene and Health Care Limited also revealed that its total expenses went up by 2.81% YoY to ₹869.65 Cr, compared to ₹845.82 Cr in the corresponding period last year.