ONDC: Revolutionizing Digital Commerce

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ONDC targets 25% e-commerce penetration, connecting 900 million buyers, 1.2 million sellers, and a $48 billion GMV to counter platform dominance.

Transforming E-Commerce Landscape

Key Pillars of ONDC

Cost-cutting for retailers through dynamic pricing, inventory management, and delivery cost optimization—ONDC's foundation for business enhancement.

India's Offer to G20

India offers to host a global Digital Public Infrastructure repository, showcasing significant strides and cooperation in digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, and skills development.

Tech's Impact on India

PM Modi highlights the profound social and economic impact of India's tech revolution over the last 9 years.

International Collaboration

Eight nations partner with India to integrate and innovate on digital public infrastructure, including Aadhaar, UPI, and Digilocker.

Global Challenges and Cooperation

PM Modi emphasizes the need for global collaboration to address inflation, fiscal responsibility, climate change, and more in an extensive interview.