No More Minimum Wage: India’s Big Step

India aims to introduce living wage by 2025, a step up from minimum wage, ensuring the basic needs of workers are met.

ILO's Endorsement

The International Labour Organization supports India's shift from minimum to living wage, a vital move for worker welfare. Investments are subject to market risk.

Beyond Minimum Wages

India plans to transition from minimum to living wages within a year, enhancing the quality of life for millions.

A Binding Wage Floor

The 2019 Code on Wages, once implemented, will establish a wage floor across all states, impacting over 500 million workers.

SDGs and Living Wage

India's move to living wages aligns with its commitment to achieving sustainable development goals by 2030.

ILO and India's Journey

With ILO's support, India focuses on capacity building and data collection for effective living wage implementation.

Defining Living Wages

India urges ILO to consider health, education, and living standards in defining living wages for developing countries.