New Import System for Laptops

The online system for laptops, tablets, and servers kicks in next month. Soft licensing with digital authorizations. Read More>>

Streamlined Licensing Process

The government digitizes the system for laptops, eliminating paperwork. No overall limits on imports.

Prior Licensing for Imports

Ministry's order categorizes laptops, and tablets for 'restricted' imports, citing security and boosting domestic production.

Transition Period Ends

No further extension for transitioning to the new licensing regime after October 31. Operational from November 1.

Push for Domestic Manufacturing

The government introduced a Rs 17,000 crore PLI scheme for IT hardware manufacturing. Names like Dell, HP, and Lenovo apply.

Emphasis on Trusted Sources

New licensing rules aim to source IT products from trusted suppliers. $8 billion worth of goods face restrictions, mostly from China.