Nestle India Buzz

Dividends and Stock                       Splits Await!

Dive into Dividends

Nestle India hints at a second interim dividend for 2023. Dates and details inside!

Date with Decisions

Board Meeting Alert! Nestle India's board gears up to discuss Q3 results and potential stock split

Splittin' Stocks

Nestle India eyes a share capital shake-up with a possible stock split. What could this mean for investors?

Divvy Up the Dividends

Mark Your Calendars! If approved, the second interim dividend for 2023 will reflect your accounts on November 16th

Financial Frontier

Nestle India to unveil Q3 financial results and nine months report on October 19

A Taste of Transformation

Nestle India considers altering share capital via stock split. A potential game-changer in the making!