Mumbai vs Delhi: AQI Battle

Mumbai surpasses Delhi in air pollution levels, with AQI over 300 in some areas.  Read More>>

Mumbai Trains Delayed

Fog leads to 15-minute delays in Mumbai's local train services beyond Kalyan

Air Quality in Mumbai

Kalanagar's AQI hits 178, while areas like Worli and Borivali recorded moderate air

Varied AQI Readings in Mumbai

From 'very poor' in Andheri (346) to 'moderate' in Bhandup (131), a range of air qualities was recorded

Improving Air Quality in Delhi

Light rain leads to better AQI readings, with Lodhi Road registering at 63

Understanding Air Quality Index

There are 6 AQI categories (Good, Satisfactory, moderately polluted, Poor, Very Poor, Severe) that are determined by pollutant levels and health impacts